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Apex Legends: How to make Mirage's "currently pointless" Ultimate more useful

by Alan Bernal


One of Apex Legends’ more charismatic characters, Mirage, has an ability kit that can feel underwhelming during intense firefights, but that could change with a creative update to his Ultimate.


Apex Legends released on February 4 with eight wildly different Legends to choose from. But now that players have had time to explore each of their abilities, they've began to suggest improvements for the Holographic Trickster.

Reddit user ‘CDHarris’ suggested making an update to Mirage’s Vanishing Act ultimate that would take away his cloaking but make his decoys more meaningful in order to distract the opponents.


Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
The update to his ult would change up the Decoys to cause mass confusion.

CDHarris points out that Mirage’s current ult, which sends out numerous decoys while making the Legend invisible, is essentially useless. Seeing more than three Mirages instantly notifies the enemy that none of them is the real one, and that they should keep an eye out for the real one to appear.

Which is why the Reddit user suggested taking away Mirage’s invisibility, but replacing it with a visual distortion while creating various holograms that perform different functions.


I really like this dudes idea for a rework for Mirage’s (currently pointless) Ultimate from r/apexlegends

“I say get rid of the cloaking during the ult,” CDHarris said. “Have his ultimate cause a brief visual distortion of some kind while a number of Mirages step out in different directions… Then, each decoy randomly selects from a set of behaviours to cause confusion...”

CDHarris said the Decoys’ actions could range from simply standing still to strafing side-to-side, and even crouching while aiming down the sights.


Fans were quick to point out the change could actually make Mirage’s ultimate too overpowered since opponents would expend valuable resources gunning down the fakes.

Though the change could have harsh implications in terms of balance, the update to Mirage’s ult would definitely make the ability more impactful in the midst of a chaotic battle.