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Apex Legends Season 3 is “just the beginning” says voice of Crypto

Published: 26/Oct/2019 13:56 Updated: 26/Oct/2019 17:22

by Andy Williams


We spoke with Johnny Young (the voice behind Crypto), to discuss all things Apex Legends and to get a deeper look behind his cryptic character’s hazy background. 

Apex Legends Season 3 is in full-flow and Respawn Entertainment have been going all out with their content. Perhaps the most notable addition of the season has been the brand-new Legend, Crypto.

Johnny Young has appeared in multiple acting roles throughout his career and is known for his work in the Box Office hit, ‘Ghost in the Shell’ (2017), alongside ‘Ayla: The Daughter of War’ (2017).

Respawn EntertainmentCrypto has been calling the shots during Season 3.

Johnny is a seasoned actor whose acting career dates back to the early 2000’s. Having stumbled upon roles in the video games industry due to his comprehensive list of talents, Young’s plethora of talents landed him as Repsawn’s latest addition to their roster of Legends. 

Given Crypto’s popularity among fans far and wide, we spoke with Johnny to develop a more in-depth insight into the battle royale’s most mysterious character. 

A big hit with the community

Dexerto: In case there’s anything that we’ve missed, could you start by introducing yourself to our audience?

Johnny: “I’m a Korean–American (Los Angeles born) actor. I grew up in Koreatown, Los Angeles, and got into acting right after high school. I went through the Lee Strasberg program for a few years and hung around out the Actors Studio in Los Angeles (back in the day) with my friends from the Strasberg Institute. 

“I then moved to Korea for about a year to get into the industry there but eventually moved back and pursued acting back in The States. I ended up mostly doing theater and film and would game on my own free time — I never associated acting to voice over work, let alone video games! 

“I then saw my friend voiced D. Va in Overwatch and reached out to her for help to get going. After booking Daehyun in the Overwatch Short shooting, everything sort of started from there and here I am.”

Dexerto: Before your direct involvement in Apex Legends, what were your initial thoughts of Respawn’s popular battle royale?

Johnny: “Oh I was a huge fan of Apex. I used to play Titanfall, so Apex felt just right when I first started to play. It was faster paced than most battle royale games and played like Titanfall — and it was free! How could you beat that? 

“The only problem I had was that people would murder me in the matches, LOL. After becoming a part of Apex, life has become exciting… The community has been reaching out and expressing their love for Apex and Crypto. I’ve never had this experience with being able to connect to a community (with such a loving fan base). The artwork and messages have been amazing, and now I’m doing interviews with people like you. Hopefully more good stuff to come.”

Respawn EntertainmentCrypto was initially teased by appearing in Season 2 propaganda (see top left-hand corner).

Crypto’s inspiration

Dexerto: How did the Apex Legends gig come along?

Johnny: “It came along like any other audition does (through my agent) — the only difference was that I immediately recognized the dialogue. So I was super hyped about it. Respawn were pretty specific about how they wanted the character, so before my call back, I researched a few films to get his essence. 

“I remember walking into the studio and it felt like a Dr. Evil lair… Eight people were staring at me, with Manny (one of the writers behind Apex Legends) in a video monitor explaining the universe. It was like a final Boss Level, it was awesome.”

Dexerto: It seems like you’ve really taken everything in your stride. Where did the inspiration for Crypto’s voice come from?

Johnny: “Respawn were pretty specific about how they wanted this character to sound. They gave me a break down of some inspiration that they had.

“I took that and added to it by doing some research on films of the types of characters I thought would add to Crypto. Things like: why he sounds like he does; his possible past and why he might act like the way he does. Respawn sort of gave me a picture and I colored it in.”

Respawn EntertainmentJohnny’s inspiration comes from a plethora of resources.

Dexerto: Apex Legends boasts a diverse roster of characters. How did you find the creation process of the Korean character? 

Johnny: “I watched a few Korean films that I thought would add to Crypto’s character. I imagined Crypto in specific scenes in films that I watched and thought: ‘This would match Crypto’. I also worked with a very well-known Korean actor for about a year, ten years ago and remembered his essence — so there is some inspiration there as well.”

Dexerto: What is it about him that that fans at home identify with?

Johnny: “I think different people will identify with different things, but I’ve seen things online from being Asian, to his hair cut, to his Korean accent. On a deeper level, I believe Crypto wants redemption and he believes he’s doing the right thing to get what he needs.

“He isn’t concerned with what others think of him and is on his own mission. He also keeps to himself and is guarded because of his past, and I think on a human level there is a lot to relate to there.”

Respawn Entertainment“Crypto wants redemption”

Crypto is here to stay

Dexerto: People are loving Crypto so far, but what does the Surveillance Expert mean to you?

Johnny: “Crypto is prepared for any and every situation — a lot of his lines sort of give that away. I think that he only trusts himself to get things done. He’s also ten steps ahead of everyone and is extremely calculated. 

“If you watch his origin story, his home is setup in a way where he has his eyes on everything. He’s pretty paranoid about a lot things and keeps information close to himself, so he does not have a lot of trust with most people.”

Dexerto: Well, given that Crypto has played such a big role in shaping the biggest season in Apex Legends to-date, can we expect to see more from him moving forward?

Johnny: “I honestly have no idea and nothing has been revealed to me yet, but I’m assuming that (because of his reception) I’d imagine we’ll be seeing a bit more of him. I’d love to explore his hazy past, but I personally don’t know much either. Isn’t that the most exciting part? I’m just as excited as the fans are to explore his cryptic past!”

Respawn EntertainmentCrypto stays a step ahead of the game, but fails to trust in those around him.

A future in the Apex Legends universe? 

Dexerto: Great! Fans will be excited to hear that Crypto is here to stay! Without revealing any spoilers, can you hint at anything in the pipeline for Apex Legends?

Johnny: “I’d love to share, but Respawn keeps everything pretty silent with a lot of things — I honestly don’t know much. All I know is that Respawn has stated that they found their groove with Season 3, so it seems like this is just the beginning.”

Dexerto: It looks like Respawn has a lot planned for you and your recon specialist! What’s in store for you (on a personal level) moving forward?

Johnny: “As an actor, things are always up in the air, so I just keep hoping that fans and Respawn love Crypto (so there will be more Crypto, LOL). Other than that, I’m working on two other projects currently (that I can’t speak about) — but be on the look-out for them! They should be pretty exciting and fun.

Apex Legends

How to master the L-STAR in Apex Legends Season 7: Tips & Tricks

Published: 23/Nov/2020 16:01

by James Busby


The L-STAR is one of the most unique weapons in Apex Legends, but how can you master this high-damage energy weapon to secure yourself a dominant win? 

Apex Legends’ L-STAR has been in a tricky spot for a while now. However, the Respawn’s recent Olympus patch has finally given this energy weapon the kick it needs to become viable. The L-STAR performs very differently to the majority of weapons in the game due to its overheat mechanic, which allows players to continuously fire until the gun overheats. 

While it certainly doesn’t lack in the damage department, it can be tricky to master due to its slow projectile speed and recoil pattern. As a result, many players often ditch the L-STAR in favor of the game’s more reliable weapons. However, if you’re willing to put in the time to master the L-STAR, you’ll be able to capitalize on its incredible kill potential. 

In order to help you make the most of the L-STAR, we’ve put together some quick tips that will aid you in your quest for success. 

Apex Legends L-STAR damage stats

L-STAR damage numbers
Respawn Entertainment
The L-STAR can down foes in just a few hits, provided you land your shots.

Before you go blasting anything that moves, you’ll want to get to grips with the L-STAR’s damage profile first. After all, this gun is capable of some dizzying damage numbers. This is especially true when you land those all-important head and body shots. 

While the L-STAR will overheat after 22 continuous shots (26 with Modded Loader), it still deals decent damage across both close to medium engagement ranges, particularly when you fire it in short bursts. The full damage breakdown for the L-STAR can be found below thanks to the Apex Legends wiki.

Fire in short bursts

Respawn Entertainment

Unlike the majority of guns in Apex Legends, the L-STAR allows you to keep firing at your target as long as you keep under the overheat threshold. This means you can maintain pressure if you simply fire in short bursts and have the necessary ammo. 

This can be rather difficult to do, especially when you get caught in the heat of the moment. Many L-STAR users simply hold down the trigger when fighting, but you’ll want to avoid this habit if you wish to avoid being stuck in a lengthy cooldown animation.

Lead your shots

Respawn Entertainment
While the buff to the L-STAR’s has made it more useable, you’ll still need to lead shots at range.

Due to the overall bulk and size of the L-STAR’s rounds, the projectiles are incredibly slow when fired at range. This can make landing any shots incredibly difficult outside of close-quarter firefights. As a result, you’ll either want to switch to a different weapon entirely or lead your shots. 

When using the L-STAR at mid-range distances, try to predict where your target will be and shoot just ahead of them. This can be pretty tricky on more mobile Legends like Wraith and Octane, but a few well-placed shots will quickly stop them dead in their tracks. 

Pair the L-STAR with a ranged weapon

Apex Legends Pathfinder
Respawn Entertainment
It’s often best to save your ammo for close-quarters firefights.

To compensate for the L-STAR’s high recoil and slow projectile speed, it’s often best to simply pair it with a long-range weapon. This will instantly alleviate any frustrations that come from trying to hit any targets at range. 

The L-STAR has one of the slowest ranged projectile speeds in the game, so you’ll often find yourself outclassed in situations where you need a little extra precision. Having a gun that you can quickly switch to during mid to long-range firefights will certainly cover up the L-STAR’s main weakness. 

Master the L-STAR’s recoil pattern

L-STAR firing range
Respawn Entertainment
The L-STAR’s recoil is still a little tricky, but the recent buff has made it a lot more manageable.

One of the main reasons a lot of players previously disliked the L-STAR wars due to its unwieldy recoil. However, Respawn has now alleviated this issue by giving it a new recoil pattern that has lowered the sporadic nature of its kick. 

To avoid any frustrating deaths and to increase your overall accuracy, you’ll want to head into the practice range and unload your entire clip into the nearest target. The LMG will start to move to the left of the screen, then climb vertically. As soon as the L-STAR begins to kick upwards, simply pull down on your mouse/analog stick to keep your shots on target. This new recoil pattern is incredibly manageable and requires next to no recoil control when fired from the hip in close-quarter fights.

So there you have it, five tips to help you master the L-STAR LMG. If you found this guide helpful, then be sure to follow @TitanfallBlog for all the latest Apex Legends news.