Apex Legends: Release date leaked for new L-STAR LMG weapon

Albert Petrosyan

The L-STAR light machine gun will be the next brand new weapon introduced in Apex Legends, and its release date has now been leaked.

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According to information dug up from game files by the data miners at Gaming INTEL, the L-STAR will be making its debut on March 2, 2019.

Interestingly enough, the date isn’t explicitly stated in the leaked game files, but rather has been deciphered from what appears to be a coded reference.

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When the new weapons file was first found and leaked last week, the two weapons listed were the Havoc energy rifle, which had the number 20 imprinted next to it, and the L-STAR, which had a 30.

Since the Havoc was released on February 20, many are theorizing that the 30 signifies the release date for the L-STAR. Of course, since February has only 28 days this year, the “30th” would land on March 2.

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Of course, the release date of the Havoc being the same as the number imprinted next to it in the leaked files could simply just be a bizarre coincidence.

However, there are no significant statistics pertaining to the Havoc that are valued at 20, which leaves the prospect of the number being its release date as the most likely theory.

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When added, the L-STAR will be the third LMG in the game, joining the Spitfire and Devotion. It’s set to pack a pretty strong punch as it will deal 21 points of damage to the body and 42 points to the head.

A lot of information about the L-STAR has recently been leaked, including its full damage profile, ammo information, and a lot of other detailed statistics and specifications.

How do you feel about a third LMG being added to the game and where do you think it will stack up compared to the other two? Tweet us @Dexerto and let us know your thoughts!