Apex Legends pro Gnaske claims TSM fans sent “death threats” over landing spots

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Apex Legends Pioneers pro Casper ‘Gnaske’ Præstensgaard has claimed TSM fans sent “death threats” over his team’s choice of landing spot on Storm Point.

In the ALGS, Apex Legends pro squads typically pick a POI for each map that they consistently land at for every single match. This allows them to learn the area inside out, giving them the best chance at securing the best loot and picking up the victory.

Well, on Storm Point, both TSM and Pioneers opted to choose The Wall as their designated location. However, after consistently falling short against ImperialHal, Reps, and Verhulst, Pioneers had to admit defeat and change spots.

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Taking to Twitter on January 11, Gnaske officially announced that Pioneers would not be defending their POI against TSM anymore.

Describing TSM as “(arguably) the strongest team in the world”, the pro admitted that they are “simply too strong” to takedown at the start of a match.

While announcing the news, the Pioneers captain did reveal that the “harassment” and “death threats” from TSM fans didn’t make the decision any easier.

Although they “figured it would happen” given the size of the organization and its passionate fanbase, it’s clear Gnaske didn’t appreciate the backlash about contesting a landing spot.

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Despite this, Gnaske has made it known that the hate from TSM fans is not the reason they’re leaving The Wall, and “if anything [he’d] love to continue contesting to make [them] mad.”

TSM pro Reps responded to Gnaske’s tweet, saying “sorry for any hate received” and that he wishes he “could guarantee there would never be any hate but we can’t control the mass idiots”.

Despite the rivalry between the two squads, Reps revealed that he’s “always respected [them] and none of [them] deserve to get any hate for landing in the same spot you’ve been forever”.

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Both teams will meet and compete against each other again at the ALGS Year 3 Split 1 playoffs in London on February 2.

Now Pioneers have changed their strategy and landing spot, it’ll be interesting to see whether it helps or hinders them in the upcoming event.