Apex Legends pro shares extensive list of crucial map rotations

Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment

There are tons of ways of getting around in Apex Legends and one player saw there were extremely valuable rotations, tricks and hiding spots not normally used, leading him to share his knowledge with the community.

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Apex Legends is a fast and fluid battle royale experience that frequently rewards players who creatively mix up their movements, be it in chaotic firefights or making effective rotations around Kings Canyon.

There are tons of tools dispersed around the Apex Games arena to help teams get around the map quicker or to find shortcuts that aren’t easily discovered, which greatly improves the entire squad’s mobility.

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Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends players could use intuitive map rotations to get the step on an enemy team.

In a long Twitter thread, battle royale pro Dakota ‘Exko’ MacLeod was surprised that he wasn’t seeing a lot of players taking advantage of the map and decided to let the community in on some of the more helpful strategies.

“Alright so I found some spots a few months ago that are nuts and aren’t used in comp,” Exko said. “I was saving them but honestly i’d rather see them used than not. So look below in the massive thread for some crazy Scrimmage tricks/rotations and spots to hide.”

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Exko wasn’t kidding around either, as he put well over a dozen videos showing everything from masterful hiding spots to risky but effective rotations that really drain down the “Return to the Battle” timer.

While there were some rotations that make use of an Octane or Pathfinder, they’re really useful to be aware in case a team gets caught on the wrong side of the circle.

Although there are some tips and tricks in the thread that are really situational, they could prove to be invaluable for the more confident risk takers in the Apex Games.

When is Apex Legends Season 2 launching?

There has been tons of hype surrounding the next chapter of the Apex Legends wave of content, and fans have been hyped ever since the devs shared more details of the impending Season 2.

While there were tons of criticisms for the game upon release, Respawn Entertainment are looking to remedy that when they launch Season 2 on July 2.

With a lot more content on the way, players will want to get familiar with all of the best maneuvers to move around Apex Legends to stay ahead of the pack.