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Apex Legends pro Ace shows how to manage chaotic fights with crazy moves

Published: 11/Mar/2020 20:07

by Alan Bernal


NRG pro Brandon ‘Ace’ Winn has some of the best mechanical skills in the competitive scene, and showed how sly maneuvering can get you out of a tricky situation in Apex Legends.

The pro player’s game started and finished in Fragment East. Since dropping in the loaded warzone, the killfeed was constantly being updated with new entries until there were about nine squads left.

But just when the game was finally settling down, the shattered building he was occupying was invaded by a couple of squads – with people dropping from the roof and various floors teeming with foes.

Respawn Entertainment
The buildings in Fragment East and West have a lot of outplay potential in Apex Legends.

A fight on the base floor left the NRG star with no shields and a Peacekeeper with only seven shots left. That’s when Ace decided it was time to retreat to move forward, but there wasn’t any safe space to take cover.


Using the vertical zipline in the elevator shaft to evade the enemy Wraith on the first floor, he eventually met up with them on the second level and another opponent on the third floor.

Jumping back and forth on the zipline gave him enough mobility to avoid being a stagnant target while going up. It also let him peek into a floor without committing to it, giving him the option of retreating when he saw another player.

Making it to the roof, Ace was finally able to reload his PK but getting his shields charged would require a bit more stalling from the pro.


That’s when he found a sneaky spot near a light post on the side of the building to crouch on, giving him plenty of time to recharge his shields.

With two bars of armor and weapons fully stocked, he went back into the building to clean up the mess of a fight.

Ace Twitch
The streamer couldn’t catch a break trying to evade opponents in Apex Legends.

While it was a tense situation, the pro player was able to strategically maneuver around the chaos to give him the best chance of winning out.

Apex Legends routinely rewards players who get creative with their movements, which could make it easier to slip out of tricky conditions on World’s Edge.