Apex Legends and Pokemon inspired an unbelievable Wattson collectible card

Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment / Pokemon Company via The Verge

An Apex Legends player used his talents to pull off an amazing Wattson collectible in a similar vein as nostalgic Pokemon holographic cards, leading to an epic creation that has fans wanting more.

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Respawn Entertainment introduced a full roster brimming with personality when they released their battle royale on February 4, and the developers have continued that trend with their latest legends in Octane and the upcoming Wattson.

Fans have rallied around these characters for various reasons, and the more creative members of the Apex community have been in full force with epic artistic twists that gives people new ways to appreciate their favorite legends.

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Respawn EntertainmentWattson is going to introduce a new dynamic to Apex Legends when she comes into the game.

In a Reddit post, user ‘teamNEWYORK’ showed off their younger brother’s incredible custom Wattson card design. The creation comes complete with info, abilities and the classic holographic shimmer seen in various trading card games (TCG), but that most people will best remember from Pokemon.

“My kid brother can’t decide if he’s a bigger fanboy for Apex or Pokemon, so he made this,” teamNEWYORK said. “He also says this is his dibs on Wattson.”

If there was an official Apex Legends card game it seems like this Wattson concept would have a pretty useful ability since since someone would be able to “play this card only if (your) current active weapon is the Mozambique. Search your deck for a gold Wingman and place it in your hand.”

teamNEWYORK via RedditThe Wattson card with an active holographic effect.
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It’s unknown if the young creative is working on a larger Apex TCG but his simple Wattson ability hints at deeper layers of strategy with “active” weapons and a gold variant of weapons.

Regardless the card had tons of people wondering how the artist managed to pull of the effect but the Redditor was only able to provide a bit of insight: “I believe the image is printed on an actual Pokemon TCG holo card. Dude’s got a whole process.”

Apex Legends Season 2 is bringing tons of additions to the game

The Apex community is eagerly anticipating the arrival of Season 2’s launch on July 2 since it’ll bring the new engineer to the fray.

Along with Wattson, players got a look at the L-Star that will finally release after months of leaks as well as a possible update for Bloodhound that could have a major impact to their kit.

Season 2 of Apex Legends is sure to bring tons of reasons to hope back into the game by giving players tons of new content to unlock and explore.