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Apex Legends players want to rework the Gold Body Shield

Published: 6/Apr/2019 21:39 Updated: 6/Apr/2019 22:13

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends has a diverse set of weapons and armor to give players an edge during intense firefights, but some players think the Gold Body Shield is sorely in need of an upgrade.

Difference in Armor

Respawn Entertainment launched their battle royale on February 4 with an array of unique characters along with a deep armory. Though the armor in the game come in tiers of Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary, some players think there’s not much disparity between the last two.

Both Epic and Legendary Body Shields give a player 4 bars of armor which equal to 100 hp. The difference between the two lie in the Legendary’s Executioner passive that fully regenerates the player’s shield when using a Finisher.

Respawn EntertainmentThe Legendary loot item doesn’t seem to give too many perks at various times in the game.

Nothing much Legendary about the Body Shield

Even though it seems like a free shield with every flashy elimination, the practicality of the perk fizzles out especially when entering the late game.

Some fans have even likened the armor to a less effective Shield Battery since a player “can’t move, can’t cancel if you spot someone, allows enemy to call out that you’re vulnerable” when using a finisher, according to Redditor ‘acrunchycaptain.’

The Apex community has been putting out suggestions to revamp the Legendary armor to finally make it a worthwhile item to look out for.

Rework the Body Shield LVL 4 perk to function similar to Octane’s health regen, but with armor instead. from r/apexlegends

How to improve the Gold Body Shield?

Reddit user ‘Rayledare’ put together a unique concept to change out the current Gold Body Shield effect with another that works like Octane’s Swift Mend. But instead of healing HP over time, the new passive would regain Shield while having it equipped.

Adding to the idea, Redditor ‘PronShieldActivate’ suggested to name the armor effect “Saviour” while giving a “recharge on successful revives.”

The change would definitely give ample reasons for players to pick up the armor since it saves them tons of time by not needing to pull out a Battery for a refill.

Respawn EntertainmentThe Apex Legends community have tons of ideas to change the Gold Body Shield.

Whether Respawn Entertainment go for a concept like this or choose to give the whole item a rework, it’s clear that players would appreciate a change to the Legendary equipment.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev confirms highly-requested inventory feature coming soon

Published: 25/Nov/2020 20:29 Updated: 26/Nov/2020 2:31

by Alan Bernal


The era of ‘red dots’ littered across Apex Legends’ menu tabs will finally come to an end after Respawn confirmed they’re implementing a ‘mark all as seen’ button to the game.

Apex’s bustling community is rejoicing after the developers indicated the long-awaited quality of life update that is scheduled for the next patch, if everything goes to plan.

While fans of the game have known for a while that the feature was pending, there hasn’t been much news of it since seeing it on Respawn’s Trello board a while ago. Since the conversation’s gone dark, it’s been a waiting game to see if the developers would follow-up on the organizational feature.

Well, an inquiring fan created a mock-up of what the ‘mark all as seen’ button could look like within the character-select screen. But fiction turned into reality once Respawn Senior Game Designer, Daniel Z. Klein, chimed into the discussion.

apex legends season
Respawn Entertainment via InterfaceInGame
The red dots on tabs have cursed the Apex Legends menu screen for a while.

“Could we get a ‘Mark all as seen’ button? Would be useful instead of going through all the menus to clear the icons,” user ‘TigerTankSniper’ suggested, before Klein was happy to oblige.

“Good news! That’s probably coming in the next patch! John Hodgson put that one in not too long ago,” Klein was happy to report. Hodgson is another Senior Game Designer at Respawn, who’s about to make a lot of the Apex fans really happy.

Since the launch of Apex Legends back in February 2019, there’s been a ton of content regularly injected into the battle royale. This stretches from Legends, weapon cosmetics, sky trails, holo sprays, voice lines, banners, and a lot more.

As much as the fans have loved adding troves of content to their personal libraries, every time something new gets added a small red dot appears to notify players of the change.

“I have an army of them because all the useless blue and white items I get, not really motivated enough to click on all them so now it just keeps growing bigger and bigger,” one person wrote.

The thing is, those little indicators can be persistent and a bit of a bother; hence, the quality of life update that’s coming into the game very soon.

But the community can let out a collective sigh of relief seeing as they shouldn’t be a problem in Apex Legends after the next update.