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Apex Legends

Apex Legends players plead with Respawn to region-lock Chinese servers

Published: 20/Apr/2019 19:14

by Eli Becht


Apex Legends has a huge hacker problem on its hands, and players are begging Respawn to get it under control before it ruins the game for good.

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If you’ve played Apex Legends on PC, then chances are you’ve run into a hacker or two in your matches – whether you realized it or not.

While it’s possible to run into this issue on console, it’s a lot more prevalent on PC, and Respawn announced they have banned over 500,000 hackers as of March 21.

Respawn EntertainmentApex Legends has a serious hacker problems.
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Players of the game, particularly those in Asia, called for Respawn to lock the regions in a Reddit thread to prevent hackers in China from ruining the experience for other players.


These players say the Chinese hackers are able to go the closest low ping areas, which are typically SEA or OCE servers that allow for them to continue their hacks on lower population servers – which all be but destroys the player experience for anyone trying to play legit.

In the initial Reddit post, games like Day-Z, H1Z1 and PUBG are all cited as games being ruined by hackers in that part of the world. Players also shared their experiences on when the hackers are most active on their servers, showing their fears are slowly becoming a reality.

Respawn Entertainment / EA GamesFans don’t want to see Apex Legends ruined.
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By locking the servers, it would block potential hackers from coming in and restrict them to China, a much larger server.


Of course, this problem is still plaguing players across all servers, but locking the eastern servers would go a long way to improving the quality of the game.

One thing that would allow us to not have this conversation at all would just be banning all of the hackers, something the team at Respawn is slowly working towards.