Apex Legends

Apex Legends players demand fix for “flawed” ranked progression system

by Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment


Apex legends players are finding the ranked progression in the battle royale to be “inexcusably flawed,” citing issues such as inconsistent point distribution, and imbalanced matchmaking lobbies.

Even with the success of the Old Ways lore event, players are noticing that Apex’s ranked component still leaves a lot to be desired, especially at the higher tiers of matchmaking.

Progressing through ranks hits a wall of sorts, and the community feel like it's time for there to be some meaningful changes to a few facets of the mode.

Respawn Entertainment
Ranked playlists in Apex Legends can be punishing.


“The progression system of ranking up is inexcusably flawed and for me it's quickly stripping all of my will to continue playing this game,” user ‘scallywaggin’ said.

The player believes a few factors are contributing to the lackluster experiences from ranked games. They say that the matchmaking pools in Apex boil down to two factions: Gold ranked players and below, and then everyone else.

Scallywaggin explained: “The matchmaking pool when you reach platinum is the polar opposite of prior ranks. It seems that there are only two pools of players and that there's not any kind of sliding scale at all.”

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The matchmaking pools are matching Platinum with players of much higher rank such as Apex Predators.


That problem is only exacerbated by the “wonky” points that make it difficult for people in higher elo matches to come out even in case they don’t have a good game.

“The fact that a Platinum IV player is required to maintain a KDR of 3.0+ in lobbies with Predators to just break even [that makes ranked Apex suck],” they said. “God forbid you to have the errant teammate (which obviously happens constantly) who's out alone trying to 1v6.”

This creates a situation, according to scallywaggin, in which players will camp more than look to fight since “the design of the RP reward system [encourages] players to abandon teammates and camp the circle.”

Respawn Entertaiment
Players elect to use camping strategies in ranked modes more often than not.


While these aren’t easy issues to fix, they still want Respawn to work on how ranked works.

“I'm frustrated. I just want to be rewarded for doing well, punished for doing poorly, and feel good about my rank. None of this is what happens for players like me in Apex,” they said.