Apex Legends player outplays an aimbot with excellent use of a grapple

This Apex Legends player was able to outplay an alleged aimbotter with Pathfinder and smart use of the grappler.

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Respawn has banned a lot of hackers in Apex Legends since its launch back in February and more and more get the hammer each day.

Surprisingly, some of these hackers have complained about not being able to make new accounts after Respawn laid down a hardware ban.

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As part of the Season 1 patch notes, Respawn mentioned that 499,937 accounts have been banned for cheating, a number that is surely higher by now.

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Hackers are still a common occurrence in Apex Legends despite the best efforts of the developers, but not all hackers are unstoppable

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Not all hackers are unstoppable

You might remember one speedhacker being unable to control his hacks as he tumbled off the edge of the map and now we have another instance where his aimbot didn’t help him in a fight.

Partnered Twitch streamer m0xyy and his squad ran into what appeared to be an aimbotter who quickly mowed down his team. m0xyy went first and watched the action unfold as the hacker quickly disposed of this other teammate before Pathfinder came to the rescue.

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The Pathfinder is able to grapple around and throw off the aimbot just enough for him to regain the advantage in the fight. He concludes that staying above with the grapple saved him in the fight and as a result saved his team’s life.

If you weren’t convinced by the clip the player was using hacks, maybe the fact his name was ‘celuxffkcpw’ might convince you otherwise.

How is Respawn combating hackers?

EAApex Legends is cleaning up the hackers.
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As mentioned earlier, close to 500,000 cheaters have been banned at the time of the Season 1 patch and Respawn is still banning more each day.

The Season 1 patch introduced a reporting system so now players will be able to quickly report if somebody is hacking. 

Reports are sent directly to Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) where it’ll then be reviewed. The team says hacking remains a high priority for them but they can’t share specifics of what is being done as of right now.

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Players on console are able to report other players from the spectate view after dying or when looking at your team’s Banner Cards in the Squad tab.

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