Apex Legends player finds very sneaky Harvester hiding spot

David Purcell
Harvester in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

The Harvester has proven to be a perfect hot drop location in Apex Legends Season 4, with a whole bunch of loot to be found there, and now players have discovered a really sneaky hiding spot that more should probably know about. 

A number of new locations and map features have been added since the game’s last major update on February 4, some of which have more supply bins spawning there than others.

When it comes to the Harvester, there’s a total of 24 supply bins and a boat load of floor loot to be found, meaning that fights are a common occurrence in the early stages of most games at this point of interest. However, a new hiding spot that’s been discovered might be really useful for those looking to avoid enemy contact – or to take an enemy by surprise.

Harvester and lava in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Lava is a dangerous feature of Apex Legends’ World’s Edge map, found at the Harvester and nearby landing spots.

There are two really devastating ways of dying at the hands of the Harvester, a massive cylindrical structure that extracts minerals from the ground: either dropping into the lava in the middle of it or running right into its beam from the outset.

Though, a new hiding spot, found by Reddit user im_not_EM, allows players to hide right where others may never expect to find them – around the ring that sits just above the molten rock beneath.

As seen in the clip below, when careful enough, players can squeeze onto a rail and walk around the circle, which will be pretty useful to know for those who want to hide from danger.

It’s unclear as to whether this trick works for players who have been knocked down by enemies, although that could be a really good way of using the rail to hide – when damaged or in a situation where you have to heal up. After all, there’s nothing worse than being knocked down while using a Syringe, Shield Cell or Phoenix Kit.

While some players expressed interest in the trick, one wasn’t best pleased about the post. “Damn bro why you gotta show people my spot like that,” they said, to which the poster replied: “This won’t go top [of] hot, trust me.”

Whether or not this will be used much more frequently now, having been posted online in front of a large audience, remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it could certainly help in situations where you would rather hide than reveal yourself at the Harvester.