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Apex Legends

Apex Legends player finds crazy hiding spot for Pathfinder

Published: 19/Feb/2020 12:51 Updated: 19/Feb/2020 12:54

by Andy Williams


With Apex Legends’ Pathfinder still one of the most popular characters, this hiding spot is bound to help plenty of those looking to get a step ahead of the competition on World’s Edge. 

Being one of the most popular Legends among a diverse roster of characters, Pathfinder gives players the ability to traverse a map effortlessly.

Combining the Forward Scout’s Grappling Hook Tactical ability with their Zipline Gun can get an entire squad out of a sticky situation and into safety in next to no time.

Respawn Entertainment
Pathfinder is a well-rounded Legend, which is why they are one of the most used characters four seasons in.

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Not only do Pathfinder’s abilities provide a means for a swift escape, but they also allow the MRVN to access parts of World’s Edge that other Legends can merely dream of.


In fact, one Reddit user posted a sneaky spot to the Apex Legends subreddit. Located on the rocky terrain, just north of the Harvester, the spot provides an ideal scouting point for Pathfinder mains.

However, there is one caveat. In order to work your way into the nook of the mountain face, you’ll need Octane’s Launch Pad to propel you into the air.

Here’s another hiding spot for Pathfinder mains. from apexlegends

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After being catapulted into the air, you’ll simply need to latch onto nearby rock with the grapple and swing yourself into the corner.

If you none of your teammates run the Adrenaline Junkie as their main, then you can attempt to zipline your way up (providing you can land your hook onto the ledge of the crevice).


There is something to be beware of, however. Other legends will also be able to utilize your zipline for sometime, so will easily be able to work their way up — rendering the not-so-secret spot effectively useless.

Pathfinder Harvester spot on World's Edge.
Location of the Pathfinder spot, just north of the Harvester on World’s Edge.

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Pathfinder mains have been lapping up the verticality of World’s Edge, and this adds another tidbit to an already extensive list of reasons why players should run the MRVN.

The Forward Scout has an impressive arsenal of abilities, which can be utilized in plenty of different ways — as demonstrated by NRG’s Cody ‘dizzy’ Meadows with this savvy Arcstar trick.