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Apex Legends player creates new medic character to rival Lifeline

Published: 2/May/2020 16:20

by Joe Craven


One Apex Legends player has shared their awesome concept for a brand new healing legend, who would undoubtedly rival Lifeline for the primary medic role. 

Lifeline is, in the current build of Apex Legends, the only character entirely designed around healing herself and teammates. Her D.O.C. drone, paired with her care package, is perfect to strengthen a depleted team after an engagement.

However, some Apex Legends fans argue she is more about player recovery than spontaneous healing. For example, her D.O.C. drone is too slow and conspicuous to try and use in the middle of a skirmish.

Lifeline has been one of Apex Legends’ most popular characters.

The new legend concept, devised by Reddit user ‘FranticIsASaltyBoi‘, proposes a number of abilities that are similar to Lifeline’s, but would be more suited to the chaos of a gunfight.

First is the proposed Tactical Ability, entitled ‘Re-energize’. This would enable players to shoot a laser at their teammates, giving them an instant 25 health. If the same laser hits an enemy they take 25 damage and the user gains 15 shield.

The legend’s Passive Ability, called ‘Repair Man’, would grant a truly unique ability – crafting a host of smaller items into a more effective one. The example given suggests 4 syringes could turn into one med kit.

Reddit: u/FranticIsASaltyBoi
The concept has three unique abilities, all focused on healing.

The Final Ability is called ‘Sharing is Caring’. This proposed skill grants 75% of healing received from items to nearby teammates. This Ultimate would last 20 seconds, so as to keep it balanced.

While undoubtedly similar to Lifeline, the new legend would be far more suited to healing during an engagement. The Tactical Ability in particular would be excellent at giving combatants a quick burst of health.

Despite the awesome concept, it doesn’t seem like Respawn have any plans to introduce another healer into Apex Legends, at least in the near future. Loba has already been confirmed for Season 5, which will drop on May 12.

Apex Legends

Cocky Apex Legends cheater banned after streaming hacks on Twitch

Published: 25/Oct/2020 23:38

by Theo Salaun


An Apex Legends hacker, ‘Loide90,’ has been exposed and swiftly banned after brashly streaming on Twitch, face cam and all, with obvious wall hacks enabled.

It’s one thing to feel emboldened enough to infuriate opponents and risk bans by hacking in a video game. It’s entirely another beast of brazen confidence to stream those hacks live on Twitch to over 700 viewers while casually hanging out with your face cam turned on.

As it turns out, an Apex Legends streamer, Loide90, boasts such levels of unabashed self-assuredness. During an October 25 stream, he was exposed for nonchalantly using wallhacks during a fairly busy broadcast.

And no, these were not Bloodhound’s brand of temporary superior visibility, restricted by cooldowns and location, as Loide90 could simply see vibrant, red enemy silhouettes through walls permanently. Since the exposure, he has apparently been banned on both Twitch and in the popular battle royale from Respawn Entertainment.

With numerous people taking to Twitter to call out Loide90’s untoward behavior, other streamers even got in on the action. One peer, by the name of ‘noobkingsmith,’ was watching the hacker live, granting viewers a chance to clip the cheats from someone else’s channel and thereby ensuring the clip wouldn’t be so easily deleted.

Clipped by ‘VixTrilogy’ and shared on Twitter with Respawn tagged directly, it was actually another tweet that appears to have gotten the developers’ attention and led to the eventual ban. 

After ‘Jonny,’ a professional player for SoaR, posted a clip showing how he died to the hacker, Respawn Producer Josh Medina responded confirming the cheater had been banned and that it wasn’t his first transgression.

Numerous others had tagged Medina and the dev followed up by letting the community know what a Twitch search for Loide90’s account also confirms: the account is banned. 

“I told him this would happen before banning one of his alts.” As Medina explains, he apparently had tried to broach the subject with Loide before and, with his warnings unheralded, was once again forced to ban the brash cheater.

It appears that the hacker’s Twitch account has been banned and, although it has yet to be confirmed, one has to imagine that his EA account for Apex Legends has also been purged.