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New addition to Apex Legends train could improve endgame on Season 3 map

Published: 13/Oct/2019 20:15 Updated: 13/Oct/2019 20:45

by Scott Robertson


With the introduction of World’s Edge to Apex Legends Season 3, the train that flies around the new map has already been established as a point of interest to players. But one player has an idea to make it even more interesting.

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Season 3 of Apex Legends is only a couple weeks old, and fans are already suggesting unique ideas to make the new World’s Edge map even better. Fans are also speculating about potentially new events and Legends that Respawn might be adding themselves.

The World’s Edge train has been hotspot for players. The high-speed train does come to a stop at stations, where players pointed out that secret supply bins will pop out. The train can also be stopped by players who make their to the front car and hit a switch.


Respawn EntertainmentPlayers can ride the train across World’s Edge
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But reddit user tomcat_d20 came up with an idea to make the train even more interesting: turn its caboose into a moving loot vault.

Loot vaults are another new feature to season 3; special areas with the very best loot that require a special keycard to open. So far, there are only three loot vaults on World’s Edge, with the highest tier gear inside.

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tomcat_d20’s suggestion is simple, add a locked loot vault as a caboose to the train, and let it speed around the map. They even provided a well-drawn, detailed look at what the potential loot caboose would look like.


/u/tomcat_d20High resolution drawing of the loot caboose concept
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Other fans responded very positively to this idea, likening the concept of a loot caboose to essentially adding a train heist mechanic to Apex Legends. Some fans even suggested the idea of then adding old school bank robbery themed skins to the roster of Legends.

User rapkat55 said the idea was especially beneficial because it adds extra value to the train. They compared the train to the supply ship from King’s Canyon, as both become largely ignored after all the initial loot is taken. By adding the loot caboose, it makes the moving train more viable as a late-game location, making for more high-speed, thrilling conclusions to matches.


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If the loot caboose is added, it’s unclear whether or not the train will continue to stop regularly, or whether the loot caboose could be opened while the train is stopped or not. Regardless, adding a Red Dead Redemption-style train heist to Apex Legends would surely be exciting.