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Hilarious Apex Legends montage perfectly sums up Season 2 so far

Published: 13/Jul/2019 20:12 Updated: 13/Jul/2019 20:34

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends players have been flooding Respawn Entertainment’s servers since the launch of Season 2 on July 2, and one fan has captured all of the hysterical tropes and frustrations that so far summarize the game’s latest chapter.

While players have been loving their time in King’s Canyon, there’s been a fair share of problems that have ruined a match or two for players of the game.

Similarly, there’s been a ton of players queueing up with new legend Wattson which has been causing mayhem as the fan base still adjust to her suffocating ability kit, especially with her Perimeter Security.


Respawn EntertainmentThe new season character Wattson has been throwing off a lot of players since her release.

Apex Legends memes almost everyone can relate to

In his latest video, YouTuber ‘Retro-Spect’ put together a special project together called “How Apex Season 2 Feels.EXE” which is resonating with a lot of players that have found themselves on the wrong side of the game’s latest trends.

Players will definitely find something to relate to as one of the opening scenes shows a team jumping into the Apex Arena just to immediately veer into the Leviathans who have made their presence felt since Battle Charge debuted.

The new L-Star rifle has been an exciting addition to the game, but it’s short time in Apex Legends has already showed just how OP the gun is.


The video highlights that fact with a bunch of clips showing the L-Star ripping up the competition, though players might react differently to that part depending on which side of the rifle they find themselves more.

Respawn EntertainmentThe L-Star has been the bane of a lot of players’ matches since being introduced to Apex Legends.

Arch Stars are typically a huge component of players’ inventory, but Season 2 has definitely seen a spike in use for the utility item. Apex Legends players have been upping the ante on each other with impressive Arch Star throws to pull off incredible plays.

Then, Retro-Spect put the spotlight on one of the most infuriating trends seen in the game with a series of instances of players experiencing the dreaded ‘Code:leaf’ error that abruptly takes them out of a match.


The YouTuber covered a range of themes throughout Apex Legends that covers the spectrum of unfortunate events that have been taking place since the new season came out.