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Apex Legends Mirage buff would make decoys even more bamboozling

Published: 7/Sep/2020 12:15

by Joe Craven


An interesting Mirage buff idea has garnered a lot of traction in the Apex Legends community, with many saying it would be an awesome way to strengthen the Holographic Trickster.

As far as legends go, Mirage is incredibly viable in Season 5. Alongside legends like Wraith and Gibraltar, there have rarely been more points where he has been as relatively strong as he is now.

Given his power, it seems unlikely that a buff is coming anytime soon. However, as we have seen through Apex Legends history, new seasons bring new buffs, nerfs and meta changes, so there is every chance that Mirage could find himself facing a buff in the near future.


Mirage pointing next to Apex Legends logo
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Mirage is one of Apex Legends’ more viable characters.

As any Apex Legends player will already know, his Ultimate and Tactical Abilities spawn holographic decoys of himself, clouding the ability of enemies to determine which Mirage is the real one.

However, there are stark differences in how these decoys operate to how the real Mirage operates. These are essentially to ensure they remain balanced, and that Mirage’s abilities are not too strong compared to his enemies’.

One Redditor, dreslin, suggested that enemies should be able to down and perform finishers on Mirage decoys. Doing so would trigger an animation in which it became clear that the decoy could not be finished, but the enemy would have wasted valuable seconds trying to eliminate the decoy.


What if enemies could try to finish holograms. from r/miragemains

Needless to say that the enemy will make themselves incredibly vulnerable when trying to execute a decoy, with the real Mirage or his teammates likely close by to open fire.

“I just had this really funny image of someone trying to do a finisher and it goes through the whole little scene and then… poof “you got bamboozled”,” the Redditor said.

Many echoed the belief that it would be an awesome addition to Mirage’s arsenal, but some suggested it would be unnecessary given his relative strength at the moment. Regardless, it’s always there as an option.