Apex Legends LTM playlist overhaul is perfect change for Season 12

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Apex Legends players are pleading to the devs to add a simple limited-time mode playlist to the game that would bring some variety to the battle royale.

Limited-time modes have come and gone throughout the last two few years of Apex Legends, with everything from a third-person mode, a constantly closing circle, and even all-gold loot matches.

However, players haven’t seen a new LTM in the game since April 2021, leaving many to be dissatisfied.

As a result, players are pleading to the devs to at least add a very simple playlist to Apex Legends that rotates previous LTM modes every week.

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Respawn EntertainmentRespawn Entertainment
Many LTM’s have come and gone throughout Apex Legends’ life.

A Reddit thread on January 9 by Apex Legends fan MyExScars pleaded to the devs to add an LTM playlist and posted a screenshot of a YouTube comment explaining why it would be a great addition.

“They have so many great LTMs already made, just add a playlist section with one random LTM rotating every week,” said the commenter. “They don’t even need to be new, just rotate existing ones and it would be so much fun. Armed and Dangerous, Deja Loot, 3rd person – they would all be fun.”

Players were, of course, onboard and loved the idea, but weren’t hopeful it’ll come to fruition: “It would be that simple but they just won’t do it,” said one player.

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However, others were concerned players would get bored of the LTMs in a month. “Considering the amount of hate I’ve seen about them not making a new LTM this season this would go well for about a month and then it’ll be dead – just like Arena’s,” said HeilJada.

Apex Legends players are constantly demanding changes to the game. With Season 12 not far away, players could see an LTM playlist feature that would be a refreshing addition to the game.