Apex Legends leak suggests a new map is being worked on

Data miners have found new game files added to Apex Legends which suggest a new map, or possibly multiple maps, are being developed by Respawn, for the popular battle royale game.

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Since the update for Season 1 of Apex Legends released on March 19, data miners have been busy digging through the game files to uncover more ‘leaks’ about what Respawn Entertainment has planned.

There’s already been new details on the leaked weapon, the L-STAR EMG, plus more battle pass rewards discovered by data miners too.

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Respawn EntertainmentKing’s Canyone is currently the only map in Apex Legends.

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The possibility of a new map, in addition to King’s Canyon, has been circling for a while, as well as a leak that suggested a ‘night’ version of the map might also be added.

Following the update on March 19, leakers found clues that hint towards at least one more map option being added, with a ‘map selector’ file.

Additionally, there were also other files such as ‘map_button’ and map_zone_intro_title’, which would perhaps be used as players load into the map.

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A ‘Night mode’ was confirmed to be in development after a previous leak, so it’s possible that it might not be a whole new map, but perhaps some time of day or weather options for King’s Canyon?

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As with any leak, there’s no guarantee that any of this will see the light of day in-game, as developers will often work on things in the backend, but not always necessarily finalizing them and releasing to the player base.