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Apex Legends

Apex Legends leak shows ‘replay support’ in game files

Published: 28/May/2020 11:38

by Calum Patterson


An Apex Legends data miner has uncovered new code in the game files describing ‘replay support’, though it’s unclear what it could entail. Players are hoping it could be a fully-fledged replay system to watch back their matches.

Replays were added to much fanfare in Fortnite, as they allowed players to rewatch full games, and see the perspectives of other players in the lobby. It’s a feature that is particularly useful to content creators as well.

But, Apex has never had such a feature, nor even hinted at its arrival. But, that’s not for a lack of requests from players, who have been suggesting it as a must-have ever since Season 1.


Respawn has remained tight-lipped on the possibility, and this new game file could be totally unrelated to an actual replay mode available to players.

But, as posted by Shrugtal, a new server setting describes “replay support” in the code, immediately sparking speculation.

What could replay support be for?

This setting may be related to a specific replay mode for tournament spectating, perhaps for creating ‘replays’ of key moments in matches.

The addition of recording all gameplay in a match can put undue stress on the server, meaning a fully-fledged replay mode for all games might be unfeasible.

However, Apex Legends is nothing if not ambitious, and it’s possible that a replay mode is on the agenda for upcoming features from Respawn.


Replay mode in Fortnite
Epic Games
Fortnite’s replay mode is excellent, letting players rewatch matches and helping content creators.

They have launched a new studio in Vancouver totally dedicated to working on Apex Legends, and players are hoping it will make way for some of the most requested features.

These include cross-play and the long-awaiting mobile launch, and now speculation about a replay mode can begin.

It should be reiterated that this code does not confirm the existence of a replay mode coming to the game, as it could relate to numerous other potential features.