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Apex Legends

Apex Legends leak reveals in-game emotes possibly coming soon

Published: 11/Mar/2020 12:13

by Calum Patterson


A fresh data mine of Apex Legends has uncovered a handful of ’emotes’, which will potentially be usable mid-match or during the victory screen, somewhat similar to Fortnite.

Currently, the only emotes in Apex Legends are those that can be used while skydiving from the initial dropship. However, unlike games like Fortnite and Blackout, there’s no way to mock your opponents with a dance mid-game.

That could be about to change, however, as reliable data miner iLootGames has uncovered a set of emotes which could potentially be a new emote-type that can be performed on the ground during a match.


The only emotes available in Apex Legends currently are for skydiving.

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Back in Season 2, the data miner found lines of code which indicated some development testing was being done for in-game emotes, and have now found actual animations of these emotes in the files.

It appears the emotes are tied to certain Legends, for example, Pathfinder doing the ‘robot’ dance and Bloodhound with their Raven.

So far, three emotes have been revealed by the leaker, but presumably, there would be more for other Legends if this feature was added to the game.

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It’s not clear though, whether these emotes will be usable while in a match, or if they are only available at other times. Perhaps they will be available in the lobby, or on the victory screen, as others have suggested.


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There was a mixed reaction to the possibility of these emotes, with some players feeling that they are too silly and don’t fit with the style and lore of Apex Legends.

Dancing emotes are a massive part of Fortnite’s cosmetics, but that game is much more lighthearted by comparison. Others are also concerned that these emotes will simply dilute the loot pool from Apex Packs further, making it harder to get items you really want.

It’s worth noting again this is just a game file leak at the moment, so there is no confirmation of what these emotes are for, or if they are even coming to the game officially at all.