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Apex Legends: Kings Canyon night map officially revealed

Published: 12/Oct/2019 13:58 Updated: 12/Oct/2019 14:12

by Connor Bennett


Respawn Entertainment have revealed the first official look at a night time Kings Canyon map ahead of Apex Legends’ halloween-themed Fight or Fright update on October 15.

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After Apex Legends season three launched with a brand new map, World’s Edge, on October 1, many fans questioned as to what would become of Kings Canyon. Members of the Respawn development team shut down rumors of using the two maps in tandem but left the door open for bringing it back in the future.

They will be bringing it back as a part of the Fight or Fright event starting on October 15 but it won’t be as fans know it. In fact, it’ll be under the cover of darkness – just as many players had hoped for when the game launched back in February


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Respawn EntertainmentKings Canyon is the original Apex Legends map.

The Respawn team revealed the first official look of how the map, which is going to be used in the upcoming Shadowfall limited-time mode, during their new Apex DevStream series. 

In the breakdown, the developers showed off a number of overhead shots of some fan-favorite locations like Airbase and Bunker that are now only lit by the moon and some lights that are dotted around – as they sell the spooky vibe that Shadowfall will create.

Timestamps of 12:33 for mobile viewers.

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The devs even touched on what the mode will entail – as players fight it out across the map, but not in the traditional battle royale mode that they have come to know and love.


Instead, once you die in Shadowfall, you will take on the form of a Shadow Legend with increased speed, a melee attack, and the ability to climb walls higher than before as they look to impose terror upon others.

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RespawnAirbase has been engulfed by the darkness in Apex Legends’ Shadowfall mode.
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However, they will have more to show before the event gets going on October 15, including more details of what players will be tasked with doing in Shadowfall and what will come later in the season. 

Until then, anyone who is desperate to jump into a nighttime version of Kings Canyon will just have to keep the stream highlight on replay.