Apex Legends: Insane coincidence discovered involving Pathfinder and viral Black Hole image

Respawn / EHT

A remarkable coincidence has been discovered that ties the Pathfinder of Apex Legends with the new image of a black hole that has gone viral.

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First ever image taken of black hole in space

On April 10, the scientific community made a historical breakthrough after managing to take an image of an actual, existing black hole for the first time in history.

The image showing a ring of bright orange light surrounding a circle of pure darkness immediately went viral, as many of the world’s biggest news networks were quick to cover the unprecedented achievement.

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While the process of procuring this image was very difficult and complex, it essentially came down to a scientists combining eight of the world’s most powerful telescopes and essentially creating one monstrous telescope described to be the size of Earth in terms of its strength.

The resulting Event Horizon Telescope was able to see much farther than any of the eight individual telescopes, allowing the operators to take this image of a black hole that’s estimated to be 500 million trillion kilometers away. 

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EHTThe first ever image taken of a black hole in history.
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How does this tie in with Apex Legends?

Anyone who’s played Apex Legends will recognize that the image of the black hole looks strikingly similar to the bright yellow-orange light the emanates from the single lens on Pathfinder’s head. 

While that’s not really much to make out of, Reddit user ‘helpmefindaname000’ did some further digging and discovered that one of the eight telescopes used to take the image was the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment, called APEX for short.

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In essence, a telescope that has both APEX and Pathfinder tied to its name was used to take the image of a black hole that looks eerily similar to the Pathfinder’s eye in Apex Legends.

Reddit u/u/helpmefindaname000

Obviously this could all just be some crazy coincidence, but not a lot of players are buying it. While no one believe’s there’s some secret conspiracy in play, many are of the mind that Respawn Entertainment used the APEX telescope for inspiration when coming up with the name for the Pathfinder.

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This does make sense, considering that fact that the one of the Pathfinder’s abilities is to find the location of the next safety circle on the map, using beacons that essentially serve as telescopes.

Apex LegendsDoes the Pathfinder have a connection to the APEX telescope, or is it all just a wild coincidence.

We will probably never know whether or not the Pathfinder has anything to do with the APEX telescope, but the fact that this kind of coincidence has taken place is pretty mesmerizing in and of itself. 

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