Apex Legends: Incredible new Pathfinder skin coming in Iron Crown Event

. 3 years ago

Respawn Entertainment has finally showcased its new dynamic Apex Legends skin for Pathfinder and it is jaw-droppingly awesome. 

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Back on August 6, Respawn announced their brand-new limited-time event called The Iron Crown Collection Event which is set to finally give fans the chance to play solo matches.

Alongside the long-awaited addition of solos, fans will also be able to get their hands on a round of new cosmetics – similar to the Legendary Hunt event in June – with some Legendary character skins. The developers have already showcased Wraith’s incredible new look, and have now given fans a glimpse at what they have in-store for Pathfinder. 

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Apex Legends players will finally be able to play Solo matches in the Iron Crown Collection event.

Called ‘War Machine’, the all-white legendary skin overhauls how one of the most popular Apex Legends characters looks with a brand-new head and even slimmer body – doing away with the huge robot that fans have come to know and love. 

The limited cosmetic also includes incredibly-detailed graphics across the body and legs of Pathfinder, as well as an updated grappling hook system on the character’s arm. Don’t worry, however, nothing has changed about its abilities. 

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Eagle-eyed members of the Apex Legends subreddit also noted that there was a dynamic aspect to the skin relating the screen in the middle of Pathfinder’s chest. 

Fans pointed out that a number of images popped up during the quick video, but the most notable ones were a strange-looking sun face, an angry red face with flames surrounding it, and an exclamation mark with a green stained-glass background. 

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It wouldn’t be the first dynamic skin in Apex Legends. Back in Apex Legends Season 1: Wild Frontier, Respawn dropped an evolving Havoc energy rifle skin for players who reached level 100 on the battle pass. 

Of course, an ever-changing character skin is different and it remains to be seen how the changing element of the new Pathfinder look will work.

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Fans won’t have long to wait for an answer, however, as the Iron Crown Collection Event kicks off in-game on Tuesday, August 13 and runs right through until August 27.

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