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Apex Legends

Intense Apex Legends mode would give winners something extra to play for

Published: 22/Apr/2019 16:09 Updated: 22/Apr/2019 17:41

by Eli Becht


With the absence of a ranked mode in Apex Legends, fans have been thinking of ways for the top players to compete and this might be the best idea yet.

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Apex Legends launched back in February and has seen rapid growth since. But that excitement has tapered off a bit and players are now looking for more ways to breath excitement back into the game.

One of these ways would be the addition of a ranked mode so the game’s best of the best have a chance to show how they compete against one another. 

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Respawn EntertainmentDrop in with the champions.

Hunger Games mode would put winners against each other

As we wait for a proper ranked mode, this fan came up with the idea of adding a Hunger Games-like mode, based on the movie and book series of the same name, and it sounds like it would work very well in the game.

The concept is simple, if a team wins a match, they are rewarded with a special ticket which would allow them to enter another match against other winners.

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Idea: Hunger Games from r/apexlegends

The game mode would let all previous winners go up against each other where they’ll be able to see where they stack up with some of the best teams in Apex Legends.


The idea was first floated by Reddit user Dacadey and the concept would also give winners of the champion round unique titles, badges or cosmetics, making it worth your time to use up your tickets.

Will Apex ever have a ranked mode?

We’re still pretty early in Apex Legends’ life and it’s unclear if a ranked mode is in the works at all.

EA and Respawn have a roadmap laying out content for much of 2019 and Season 1 is currently in full swing.

It’s possible we could see a ranked mode come into the game someday but it’s not really something you should bet on as of right now.