Apex Legends: How to get Level 3 Body Shield from Lifeline’s Care Package

Lifeline Care PackageRespawn Entertainment

Looting up a Level 3 Body Shield from Lifeline’s ultimate ability in Apex Legends gets a lot easier if a player knows where to look as soon as the Care Package makes landfall.

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Typically, Apex Legends players go on a mad dash to be the first person in their team to loot up Lifeline’s Care Package, regardless if the Combat Medic who called down the ordinance gets left out.

Whether you’re the Lifeline in this situation or not, knowing what items normally spawn behind the different Care Package doors would go a long way to get desired loot as soon as the ult arrives.

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Respawn EntertainmentGetting the Care Package’s best look is all about location.

In a July 31 post, Reddit user ‘Ringo308’ gave a look into what loot items tend to spawn behind specific doors on a Care Package, which vastly narrows down where to hunt for a Level 3 Armor.

“The Facts: A care package consists of 3 doors and each door can only drop an item from a specific loot list for each door,” Ringo308 said. “And the Care Package lands in a specific orientation determined by Lifelines position when she uses her ult.”

Ringo308 via RedditRingo308’s graph that shows what loot tends to spawn behind which Care Package doors.
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The key here is knowing how Lifeline is positioned once she calls for her Care Package, since Door 1 will always be facing her at the point of when the ordinance was summoned.

Door 1 will contain “either weapon attachments, the backpack or the knockdown shield.” Then Door 2, which is the next door over moving in a clockwise rotation, will have either a First Aid, a Shield Battery, or a Pheonix Kit.

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Respawn EntertainmentNo need to check every Care Package door if you know where to look.

Easy Level 3 Body Armor

This leaves only Door 3 remaining, and it’s here where players will be able to find a Knockdown Shield, a Helmet or the Level 3 Body Armor.

Obviously every door’s loot is subject to Apex Legends’ RNG, but going to Door 3 seems like it’ll yield the best chance of snagging the set of armor.

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While this is definitely the best way of getting priority on the Armor, it should be noted that good teamwork consists of communicating to a squad on what loot a player needs, instead of trying to quickly nab the best loot for themselves.