Apex Legends: How to get exclusive Wraith and Caustic skin with PlayStation Plus

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Respawn Entertainment, developers of Apex Legends, has unveiled two new skins coming to the game that can be redeemed exclusively by PlayStation Plus members, on PS4.

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Unlike the Twitch Prime skins, which can be claimed by players on all platforms provided they are an Amazon Prime member, these Wraith and Caustic skins are exclusive to players on the Sony console.

PlayStation Plus is the premium online service for PS4 owners, but you don’t actually need a PS+ membership to play Apex Legends online, as it is a free-to-play game.

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PlayStation Plus members can get access to exclusive Apex Legends content.

If you want these skins, however, you will need to have a membership. If you’re not already signed up, you can buy PlayStation Plus for one month, three months or a year.

How to claim Apex Legends PlayStation Plus skins

On August 2, Respawn revealed the two exclusive skins, and explained that if you are already a PS+ member, they should be unlocked automatically when you get on the game.

However, if you don’t see them, you may need to redeem them in the PlayStation Store. You can also redeem the skins online.

The exclusive PlayStation Plus skins.
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The skins are not all though, as also included in the pack is a Hemlock and Peacekeeper weapon skin, and two banners for Wraith and Caustic too.

Although these designs were previously leaked, it appears they have been released earlier than the leakers intended, as they were thought to be part of a potential Halloween theme coming in Season 3.

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Something akin to spiders and monsters was also leaked, and combined with these fleshy, spooky skins, it seemed to lineup with the theory that there would be a Halloween inspired event coming in October.

That could still be on the cards of course, but these skins clearly aren’t a part of it if so. Respawn has teased a major event being announced “next week” too, but have given no details on it.

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