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Apex Legends player discovers how Gibraltar counters Mirage’s invisibility

Published: 5/Jul/2019 18:34 Updated: 5/Jul/2019 18:50

by Alan Bernal


An Apex Legends player found a brilliant way to snuff out an invisible Mirage with the help of a well placed tactical ability from one of the least popular characters in the game, Gibraltar.

Ever since Respawn buffed Mirage, there are some players who have been having a tough time countering the Legend when he ults to become invisible. While there’s some tried and true methods to thwart the Holographic Trickster some have been more effective than others.

But players still having a hard time consistently countering the character’s invisibility can have a simple answer to their problems by bubbling them in Gibby’s Dome of Protection.

Respawn EntertainmentMirage-mains will be baffled to known their ult doesn’t always make them completely invisible.

In a Reddit thread, user ‘Inked_Cat’ uploaded a video of Gibraltar and company in a heated battle near the circle’s edge when the enemy Mirage found himself in a precarious spot between the entire opposing squad.

With his teammates down, Mirage decided to ult out of there but made the fatal error of activating the Vanishing Act while in Gibraltar’s tac ability.

By doing so, Gibraltar and his team didn’t need to rely on hard to see dust kicking up as Mirage weaves his way through the fight. Instead, there was a very noticeable silhouette shuffling around the holographic decoys of the Legend that easily gave away his position.

Even though being invisible gives Mirage-mains a sense of security, the effects of Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection completely left the Trickster defenseless against the team that could easily trace his movements.

At that point it was a quick cleanup for Gibraltar’s teammate Wattson, who quickly downed the exposed Mirage and used a vicious finisher to do away with the pesky Legend.

How to counter Mirage’s ultimate?

As mentioned before, while Mirage’s ultimate makes him completely invisible after the effects of the v1.2 patch there are still reliable enough methods to see through his trickery.

The first thing players will want to do is listen for his ult’s activation which is pretty loud and obvious after getting used to the sound queue.

Respawn EntertainmentGibby players are ready to lay the smack down on Mirage players who think they can sneak around in the Dome of Protection.

After that its a simple matter of checking for dust tracks or splashes if on water, unless there’s a Bangalore or Caustic on the team.

Like Gibraltar, Bangalore and Caustic can use their respective tactical abilities to basically outline where Mirage is after he ults, making him easy prey.

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Clubs in Apex Legends: How to create and join a club

Published: 30/Oct/2020 17:04 Updated: 30/Oct/2020 17:06

by James Busby


Apex Legends Clubs are a new way for players to hang out and play together, so find out everything you need to know about this new feature. 

Apex Legends Clubs are a new social feature that will be launching in Season 7. These clubs will enable you to build a dedicated community of players that you can team up with and allow you to keep in touch with your members.

It’s a much more robust version of the game’s current friend list and one that is a great addition for those that don’t have a dedicated squad. 

With the addition of the Apex Legends Club feature, players will finally be able to squad up and search for clubs that appeal to them. After all, everyone knows just how tricky it can be to win both casual and ranked games with randoms. Here’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends Clubs and how you can utilize them in Season 7. 

How to create clubs

Apex Legends clubs
Respawn Entertainment
Creating and finding a club is incredibly easy.

When Apex Legends Season 7 goes live, there will be a new tab called “Club” that will be featured in the game’s lobby. Clicking on this option will present you with two options: 

  1. Find a Club
  2. Create a Club

If you’re looking for a particular club or just wish to browse what’s on offer, then there will be a number of clubs put on display. If you’re specifically looking to set up your own club for people to join, then you must fill out the following options:

  • Name – This is your club’s name. It must be unique and within 16 characters. 
  • Tag – A four-character shorthand for your club that will be visible to your squadmates during a match.
  • Logo – A symbol that will be shown every time you visit the club lobby.
  • Privacy Setting – This controls how people can join your club. Clubs can be made open to the public, restricted based on account level, “By Request,” where users have to apply to join, and by invitation only. 
  • Search Tags – You can choose up to five of the search tags Respawn provides that best describes the kind of club you want to own. For example, is your club extremely competitive and wishing to reach the highest ranks? Or are they much more relaxed when it comes to playing?  Your chosen tag will help you fill your club with plenty of like-minded players. 

It’s important to note that if you have disabled crossplay, then only users that have also disabled crossplay will be able to find and participate in your club. Make sure you change this setting if you wish to squad up with players across all platforms. 

Another thing to remember is that Apex clubs are bound to the data center the owner was on at the time the Club was created. This ensures that all club members have a similar ping when grouped up. However, you can receive invites from clubs anywhere and join them, regardless of the data center.

How to search for a club

Apex Legends club search
Respawn Entertainment
Find the club that best suits you.

If you don’t wish to be in charge of running your own club or simply want to join a friend’s/random person’s club, then you’ll need to search for one instead. You can do this by hitting the “Search for Clubs” button in the club tab. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to search by name, tag, privacy parameters, and search tags.

Clubs that are open and non-restricted will show up in the listings. However, some clubs will only allow certain account levels to join. In addition, there will also be a number of clubs that require a join request. 

Once you file a request, the owner and admins of the club will be able to review your credentials by looking over your gladiator card before determining whether or not to accept you. 

Taking part in a club

Apex Legends club participation
Respawn Entertainment
Participating in a club will help alleviate a lot of current solo frustrations.

After you’ve set up or joined a club, your club tab will become your new club lobby. Every member of the club will be able to interact with the members’ list. This enables you to invite specific club members to your party, or extend the invite to everyone online via the “Invite All to Party” button.

If you head on over to the “Timeline” option, you can see all your club’s recent events. For example, you’ll be able to see all the new people that have joined and all those that have managed to gain a top five finish in a match.

Club member ranks explained

Like all good clubs, Apex Legends sorts its club members into ranks. This makes managing the large swathes of players a lot easier. The club owner will be able to assign the following ranks:

  • Grunt –  The standard entry-level club member. Grunts can send and receive party invites from clubmates, and participate in club chats.
  • Captain – Captains serve as the club’s talent scouts. They have all the basic powers of the Grunt, but can send invites to potential members.
  • Admin – Admins are the junior version of the Owner. In addition to the Captain’s abilities, Admins can kick Grunts and Captains out of the club, change the club’s settings, post an announcement, view complaints filed against club members, and promote Grunts to Captains.
  • Owner – As the name suggests, the Owner can do everything the Admin can do and much more. They can promote users up to Admin, and kick any member out of the club.

It’s important to note that there can be only one Owner per club. However, multiple players share every other rank. 

Club announcements

Apex Legends announcement screen
Respawn Entertainment
It wouldn’t be a club without a dedicated announcement feature would it?

Club announcements can be made by the club Admins and Owners. These posts will create a pop-up message the next time users enter the lobby. For example, you can announce the time of your next play session or wish to congratulate a certain player’s recent achievements. 

You can view the most recent announcement at any time from the club lobby.

Club badges

Apex Legends club badges
Respawn Entertainment
Earn unique badges for playing within your club.

As an incentive for staying and playing in an Apex Legends club, Respawn has come up with a new badge system. Badges will be rewarded to clubs that prove capable on the battlefield, so make you get as many wins under your club’s belt as possible.