Apex Legends hacker brags that Respawn can’t catch them, gets banned anyway

Respawn Entertainment

Taunting a game’s developer by claiming you’re an unbannable cheater isn’t going to land you in anyone’s good books – yet it’s exactly what one Apex Legends streamer decided to do live on air.

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How is Respawn combatting Apex Legends cheaters?

Respawn Entertainment recently sent out a ban wave to a number of players who had been using exploits in their popular battle royale, banning a whole load of new accounts.

While some may have slipped through the cracks, and ended up wrecking popular players like Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek live on-stream, others decided to hilariously taunt Respawn’s capabilities to ban players while the developer and fans watched on.

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Respawn EntertainmentOver 50 million players have tried their hand at Apex Legends – yet it’s only a small minority that have been cheating.

Breaking down the ironic twist

While the VOD of the stream had been deleted, one intrepid Reddit user, SaladinsSaladbar, gave readers a blow-by-blow rundown of the action that they had missed – including back-to-back bans for the braggadocios streamer.

During the play-by-play breakdown, the Reddit user detailed just how much time and effort the streamer put into trying to avoid a ban, while claiming not to care all that much about what happened to their accounts.

Yet, it wasn’t an all too successful strategy as the streamer ended up receiving a ban twice in a ten minute period, before ultimately walking away from the game and deciding to broadcast some other content.

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Respawn devs respond

One Respawn developer, posting under the Reddit username ‘lowkeydbjosh’ took credit for the continuous shutdowns of the hacker, stating: “This is how I spent 45 mins this morning,” with a waving emoji attached.

While other users tried to thank them for their hard work, they instead turned the credit onto the players. “Nah, this was thanks to you guys bringing these type of folks to the spotlight. Helps us clean up the game faster,” added lowkeydbjosh.

While Respawn are doing their utmost to prevent players with exploits washing over their game, there are always going to be users who get their hands on ways to cheat and ruin matches.

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Yet, it seems like they are at least on top of a few rogue users – especially those who try their best to flaunt their blatant cheating in the face of the developer.