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Apex Legends hacker can’t control speed, falls off map

Published: 18/Mar/2019 21:25 Updated: 18/Mar/2019 23:35

by Eli Becht


Numerous hackers and cheaters plague Apex Legends despite Respawn’s best efforts to clean up the game.

Going into the start of Season 1 of Apex Legends there’s still a very noticeable problem with hackers in the game.

In a Reddit post from February, it was confirmed that over 16,000 cheaters have been banned from Apex Legends so far and that number likely grows larger each day as the game gains popularity.

If you’ve been playing since the launch of Apex Legends in February then it’s pretty likely you’ve run into at least one hacker during your playtime. 

While there wasn’t anything you could do about it then, you might take pleasure in this clip showing a hacker getting a taste of their own medicine.

Respawn EntertainmentThis Apex Legends cheater never had a chance against their own hacks.

In the Reddit clip below, uploaded by user RockyGrenade, the hacker eliminates a player by zipping across the map but makes one crucial error after that.

Once the hacker deals the damage to the downed player they go to zoom away but accidentally take a step too far right off the edge of the map and into the water below to their death.

It is a little strange to see a hacker go down like this but who knows, maybe speed hacks take a little while to get used to.

Speed hacker runs too fast and falls of the map… from r/apexlegends

An important thing to note is these speed hackers and other cheaters who get banned from the game are reportedly gone for good.

Recently, there have been hackers who have complained about receiving hardware bans and when they try to make new accounts they still can’t play.

Just remember, if you plan on cheating in Apex Legends you might have to play the ultimate price.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends drops first teaser for Season 8 Legend and new planet

Published: 16/Jan/2021 10:30 Updated: 16/Jan/2021 11:36

by Calum Patterson


Apex Legends is in the final stretch of Season 7, now gearing up for Season 8. That means Respawn are starting to roll out teasers for the next Legend, possible new modes, and even another planet.

On January 15, Apex Legends released a new version of the classic Kings Canyon map out of the blue. On it, Mirage Voyage was back, but there was also some interesting teasers in the sky.

Then, later that same day, they posted on social media what looks to be our first clue about what’s coming in Season 8.

This new teaser mentions Salvo, which we’ve heard about before in Apex Legends. It also features a handshake – and the hands are potentially our first look at the Season 8 Legend.

Season 8 teaser

This teaser wasn’t in-game, but instead posted on the official Apex Legends Twitter and Instagram accounts. It was captioned ‘New Blood’ – possibly a hint at ‘new blood’ joining the Apex games.

In the teaser, we see a handshake between someone representing the planet Salvo, and someone representing the Syndicate. If you’re unaware, the Syndicate are the people behind the Apex Games.

The text reads “The Syndicate and Salvo… Unified at Last. Approved by the Committee of Unification Board.” If you’re confused about what this means we’ll explain below. The image is then stamped with the logo of Salvo M.C. (presumably Salvo Motorcycle Club).

What is Salvo in Apex Legends?

Salvo is another planet in the Outlands, and one that has been independent of the Syndicate, up until now. The most important information we have about Salvo comes from a letter that was on Wattson’s desk. The letter read:

“I am writing to inform you that Salvo – which rejected the Mercenary Syndicate’s position to join Syndicate Space in 2722 – is now being guided by new leadership sympathizers to the cause of peace within the Outlands.

Talks with this new administration was prolonged, but ultimately fruitful; as of today, the Mercenary Syndicate Treaty has been amended, and Salvo will become the seventh world to join Syndicate Space.

Salvo brings with it [redacted]. In the coming [redacted] Office of Public Relations will be rolling out a social [redacted] to dispel inaccuracies about [redacted] to create an appropriate [redacted] for their integration into the Syndicate, [redacted] including exciting new developments within the Apex Games.

At this time do not correspond with the Legends regarding this matter. Expect further instructions [redacted] our office in the days to come.”

Salvo on Wattson's desk
Respawn Entertainment
The letter on Wattson’s desk told us about Salvo and the Syndicate.

Is Salvo a new map?

This is unlikely, at least for the time being. We just got a new map for Season 7 after all. Salvo is a planet too, rather than a singular location (e.g. Olympus is a city on the planet Psamathe).

Season 8 Legend

More likely, Salvo is the home planet of the new Legend, who data miners believe will be called Fuse, and whose abilities will be about explosives (which would actually tie into the name ‘salvo’.)

Another hint is the spaceship we can now see above the map on Kings Canyon and Olympus. The ship has a message which reads simply ‘Salvo Joins Syndicate.’

Expect to see more teasers about Season 8, Salvo and the new Legend in the coming weeks. Season 8 is due to begin in early February, to tie in with the two-year anniversary of Apex Legends.