Apex Legends players divided over plans to continue for ’10-15′ more years

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Apex Legends players have shared their thoughts on Respawn Entertainment’s plan to run the franchise for another decade or more.

Talk of Apex Legends’ long-term future stems from Respawn recently establishing a third studio based out of Madison, Wisconsin. The new development house will focus on supporting Apex Legends.

In explaining what this means for the IP’s future, Game Director Steven Ferreira told GamesIndustry.biz, “we believe in Apex as a franchise that’s going to be around for 10, 15 years or more…”

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Considering the trajectory of live-service games over the last few years, Ferreira’s comment may not seem too out of left field. However, this supposed 10-plus-year plan has some fans raising their eyebrows.

Apex Legends players respond to 10+ year plan for game

Redditor Thr33Knuckl3sD33p didn’t hold back punches when responding to the “10 to 15 years” statement about Apex Legends.

The user hopes Respawn and EA figure out the game’s ongoing server issues in the near future but ended their post on the following note, “Respawn, get your s–t together, you are losing people that pay money for this s–t.”

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Several comments to the post believe Respawn and EA will run the Apex Legends franchise into the ground. One said: “If they believe they can squeeze one more penny out of the player base.”

There are those who aren’t bothered by this notion, though, given how much money they’ve already invested in the battle royale.

Another said: “I’ve spent way too much money on it… so I’d rather quit playing than be forced to [quit].”

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Meanwhile, other Apex fans hope the game won’t enjoy much in the way of longevity as they’d much prefer a new Titanfall game. “I would prefer a full Titanfall 3 with Apex as the BR offering in the package, akin to how MW2 is with Warzone.”

It would seem the Apex community is mixed on what the future should hold. But the opening of a new Apex-focused satellite indicates Respawn’s plans are by no means short-term.

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