Apex Legends: First look at Crypto’s leaked Aerial Drone abilities

Matt Porter
Respawn Entertainment

Data miners scouring through the Voidwalker event officially kicked off on Tuesday, September 3, and brought with it a host of new cosmetic items and challenges for players to enjoy throughout the 14 days it runs for.

While many focused on the exciting new additions, data miners immediately started searching through the patch for hidden files, with Reddit user Miniguyw finding Crypto’s drone device, seemingly confirming prior leaks regarding his abilities.

Respawn Entertainment
Dataminers have revealed how Crypto’s drone will function.
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On August 15, That1MiningGuy revealed that Crypto would use an Aerial Drone as part of his tactical ability, allowing him to survey the landscape around him while he ventures through King’s Canyon in search of victories, while his ultimate would send out an EMP blast to shut down the electronic items of opponents.

Now, Miniguyw has given Apex Legends fans their first look at the robot, uploading a video showing the drone in action, rattling off an EMP strike, and even what it will look like when it’s been deployed or recalled.

via Gfycat

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According to previous leaks, the Aerial Drone will act as a surveillance camera, and will last for 40 seconds with a 200 meter range. While it can be destroyed by opponents, what makes it especially useful is the fact that it can hack doors and loot bins, and can even pick up the banners of fallen teammates, making it easier to collect them and revive your teammates.

There’s currently no official release date for Crypto, but the fact that his drone has appeared in the game’s files does indicate that he is almost ready, with a Season 3 release in October a distinct possibility.