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Apex Legends fan creates mind-blowing ‘ability stealing’ legend

Published: 19/Apr/2020 10:38 Updated: 19/Apr/2020 10:40

by Joe Craven


One Apex Legends player has shared their incredible concept for ‘Jacket’ – a brand new ability stealing legend who would fit right in the World’s Edge battle. 

Respawn Entertainment have captivated fans globally with their incredible character design and world building in Apex Legends, inspiring concept artwork and cosplays.

While most concepts focus on one existing legend, this fan has shared a concept for an entirely new one, who would represent an amalgamation of all the abilities we’ve seen in Kings Canyon and World’s Edge.

Respawn Entertainment
Apex features a huge variety of abilities and designs.

The Apex fan, Reddit user u/Luckie-D, shared their legend concept on April 18, with the caption: “Meet Jacket! Ability stealer”.

Attached was artwork showing a truly awesome concept character, who appears to blend every existing ability into one legend. The design shows a bumblebee like color scheme, with a host of existing tech completely cloaked in the yellow and black skin.

Fans of Respawn’s battle royale will pick up on all the existing gadgets that Jacket has commandeered, including Lifeline’s D.O.C. drone and Crypto’s reconnaissance drone.

Meet Jacket! Ability stealer 🙂 from r/apexlegends

Similarly, the electricity crackling and axe-wielding suggests Jacket has overcome both Wattson and Bloodhound, combining for an awesome, detailed look at the concept legend.

The idea of an ability stealing character has been explored in popular titles in the past. Call of Duty: Black Ops III introduced Blackjack, who could harness the specialist weapons or abilities of all the game’s characters.

Difficulties arise when trying to balance such a versatile character, with developers having to keep tabs on bugs and exploits even more so than usual. One Reddit user said: “I like the idea. But Overwatch did the same thing and said its code can essentially destroy the game if it breaks.”

It remains to be seen whether Respawn will ever add an ability-stealing legend to Apex Legends, but Jacket’s popularity among players certainly suggests they would like to see it.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 7 Launch trailer reveals new map, Horizon abilities

Published: 28/Oct/2020 15:07 Updated: 28/Oct/2020 15:16

by Calum Patterson


The launch trailer for the hotly anticipated Season 7 of Apex Legends is here, showing the journey of the Legends on their way to the new home for the games: Olympus, and the arrival of new Legend, Horizon.

With one week to go before the new season drops on November 4, anticipation for a new season is probably at an all time high, thanks to a number of new exciting additions.

These include the first-ever vehicle in Apex Legends, called The Trident, an all new Clubs system, the new Legend, and of course, biggest of all, the new map – Olympus.

Olympus takes the games to the planet of Psamathe – which happens to be the hometown of Lifeline and Octane, and the pair were not too excited by the prospect when they learned of it in the Season 5 quest.

Olympus in Apex Legends

But, there’s no time to delay now, as World’s Edge is “on the edge of collapse”, so the games must move to their new location.

For the first time we’ll be battling it out in a more urban environment (Skulltown lovers rejoice). The gameplay should feel quite a bit different here too, given the different landscape vs both World’s Edge and Kings Canyon. Check out the trailer:

Season 7 Launch trailer

Horizon abilities

We also get a better look at Horizon in action here, a teaser of what is to come with her abilities when they’re finally available to use in-game.

We can see her gravity lift ability, expected to be called Repulsor, as well as some kind of Black Hole ability? Which looks truly insane.

Alongside the launch of Season 7, Apex Legends is also launching on Steam on the same day, which should not only increase the playerbase, but also reduce waiting times for Origin players, who will now be in ‘crossplay’ with Steam players. It’s bad news for Switch players though, as that version of the game has been pushed back until 2021.

Apex Legends Season 7 starts on all platforms on November 4.