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Apex Legends fan brings characters to life with stunning statues

Published: 28/Oct/2019 11:37 Updated: 28/Oct/2019 11:57

by Andy Williams


Respawn Entertainment has built a reputation for their creative knack within Apex Legends, even inspiring one fan of the battle royale to creative life-like 3D renders of some fan-favorite Legends.

In its short tenure in the battle royale realm, Apex Legends has developed its own niche within the genre. Boasting a diverse roster of characters, players from far and wide have found something to identify within the battle royale. 

The creative efforts implored by Respawn have encouraged community engagement — from Wattson skin concepts to the idea of buffing Crypto’s abilities, there is no doubt that Respawn have captivated a loyal fanbase.

Respawn EntertainmentThe Fight or Fright event is just one example of Respawn’s creative efforts in Apex Legends.

Indeed one of the Apex faithful has been impelled to a point where they have expressed their talents through creating ‘statues’ of some of the game’s Legends. 

Twitter user, Jacemnk1, took inspiration from the in-game lore associated with each character during the creation process: “Gibraltar as a statue made out of volcanic sand. To pay tribute to his Polynesian heritage, I picked volcanic sand as a material for him.”

The artist’s 3D render was even featured in the ‘Behind the Voice’ video, which showcased a plethora of fan art to pay homage to the community interaction. 

Having received praise from the community, Jacemnk1 has created more 3D concept pieces, each with their own unique twist inspired by the Legends’ in-game persona. 

Jacemnk1 (Twitter)Jacemnk has brought Bangalore, Lifeline and Octane to life with their renders.

Each piece incorporates distinct character quirks as part of the final render, and fans have lapped up each effort, with some even requesting for their own to be commissioned. 

Weta Workshop have already created identical 3D editions of some characters in their iconic poses. Although, given the interest that these 3D renders have received, there could be scope for Respawn to incorporate something to a similar effect for fans to acquire in a bid to commemorate their favorite Legends. 

Apex Legends

What is code:truck error in Apex Legends & how to fix it? Latest from EA

Published: 2/Dec/2020 1:06

by Tanner Pierce


After Apex Legends received its Holo-Day Bash update, many fans are reporting a brand new code:truck error that’s preventing them from entering the game. Here’s what you need to know about the odd server issue that everyone seems to be getting.

Earlier today, the Holo-Day Bash update went live for Apex Legends, which added in a slew of new content, including some skins and a brand new LTM.

Unbeknownst to players, it seems to have added something else to the game that’s causing a lot of people headaches as they try to log-in.

The Apex community is now reporting a new error code:truck when they attempt to log-in, which is causing some major issues and seems to be caused by the Holo-Day Bash update, although this part is a bit unclear. Here’s what you need to know about the error and if there’s anything that can be done to solve it.

What is the code:truck error in Apex Legends

According to the error messages seen by players, either the game itself or the player is “out of sync with the server.” What that actually means is anyone’s guess.

What we do know about code:truck is that it’s preventing people from logging into the game. It’s affecting a large number of people on all platforms, although the exact extent of this is unclear as of the time of this writing.

Hopefully more information will be available soon.

What can be done to fix the code:truck error?

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a surefire fix for the error. As of 7:10 EST on December 1, 2020, Electronic Arts and Respawn haven’t released a fix for the bug. That being said, they did comment on the error, saying they are looking into the problem.

Beyond that, however, we have no update as to what’s causing this error for some players, how extensive is the problem, and, most importantly, what the fix is for it.

Over on Reddit, some players are reporting on a few different fixes but none of the them are confirmed. One player reported that they were able to workaround the issue by changing the date and time on their PS4 and few others confirmed its success.

Hopefully a fix becomes available in the near future to avoid it spreading to other people, which would result in the amount of players logging into Apex Legends to plummet.