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Apex Legends dev teases plans for new LTM rotation “every two weeks”

Published: 3/Sep/2020 2:13

by Alan Bernal


An Apex Legends developer has renewed hope for a Limited Time Mode (LTM) rotation that would change up alternate playlists every two weeks, a wishlist feature for many.

A staple in the battle royale genres, LTMs give players a completely fresh take to gameplay and is typically a more lighter experience than the base king-of-the-hill mode. It’s a bittersweet feature in Apex, since community members tend to really love Respawn’s LTMs.

Since new ones generally come out at the start of a new season or mid-chapter events, it could be a while before players get to try out a different flavor of action in the Arena.


While this isn’t a major point of contention with Apex fans, there are some people that have hoped for a more active approach to diversifying the LTMs in the game.

Apex Legends LTM gold rush
Respawn Entertainment
A rotating LTM playlist could bring back popular Apex modes like Gold Rush duos.

Apex Legends Game Director Chad ‘hkysk8r187’ Grenier rekindled the fires of hope to those who’ve been waiting for more ways to experience LTMs.

Redditor ‘aletz_dav’ posed the “possibility that (Apex Legends) could have an LTM every two weeks, they could be the same modes that you already showed.” Grenier responded: “Yes, it’s a possibility!”

An LTM rotation would dip into Respawn’s impressive catalogue that includes past favorites like Armed and Dangerous, Winter Express, Gold Rush Duos, and more. There’s over a dozen of different game types that could one day be repped in a rotating playlist.


Though the Season 6 update brought in a ton of content for players to dive into, some feel that a rotating playlist would be a great way to re-engage groups of the community that might have taken a break from Apex.

Shadowfall Apex Legends LTM
Respawn Entertainment
The Shadowfall LTM was a memorable Apex Legends mode.

As for newer Apex players, this would be a great way to experience some of the first LTM releases they might have missed out on.

Of course, anything can change in the development cycle, but there could be enough interest for rotating modes in Apex Legends to be a popular feature on release.

While expectations for LTM rotations should be tempered for the moment, the Apex Legends community now knows the highly-requested feature is on the dev’s radar.