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Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev responds to surprising discovery made about Peacekeeper

Published: 14/Mar/2019 23:02 Updated: 14/Mar/2019 23:03

by Albert Petrosyan


A surprising discovery has been made about the Peacekeeper shotgun in Apex Legends, and it was enough to draw a response from one of the developers at Respawn Entertainment. 

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The Peacekeeper is widely considered to be one the stronger weapons in Apex Legends, as many players love to pair it up with a longer range weapon to balance out their loadout. 

One interesting aspect about the weapon that not many player seem to be aware of is that aiming down sights while firing has no effect on the bullet spread.

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This characteristic was discovered by Reddit user ‘TheRealYagot,’ who loaded into the practice arena to give his Peacekeeper theory a tryout.


He fired the shotgun at two targets next to each other, one while aiming down sights and the other from the hip. The nearly identical bullet markings on the targets pretty much confirmed that his notion about the Peackeeper had been correct. 

via Gfycat

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The video above got the attention of a lot of users on Reddit, including a Respawn developer with the username ‘RespawnSean.’

Interestingly enough, in his response to the Reddit post, Sean chose to not address the point proven in the video, and instead brought up the Precision Choke hop-up attachment for the Peacekeeper.


He mentioned how the Precision Choke allows for players to charge up the weapon before firing and further concentrate the bullet spread, a process which can only be done while ADS.

While his point is certainly valid and does present a scenario where aiming down sights with the Peacekeeper is beneficial, the nature of his response pretty much confirmed that ADS does not improve the bullet spread of the base version of the weapon.

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This latest development with the Peacekeeper should help out a lot of players when using the weapon as it’s now essentially been proven to be useless to aim down its sights when firing.


Furthermore, that fact that this aspect of the Peacekeeper was not designated as a glitch or issue by the developer strongly suggests that it was intentionally put in place and will likely not be changed in the near future.