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Apex Legends dev promises fix for damage issue affecting colorblind players

Published: 16/Jul/2021 10:51

by Daniel Megarry


The devs at Respawn Entertainment have promised a fix is coming soon for an issue that can make Apex Legends “significantly harder” to play, particularly for colorblind players.

Respawn have done a pretty good job at making Apex Legends accessible for colorblind players, and have consistently responded to feedback from the community, but every now and then something slips through the cracks.

In a Reddit post titled, “Please help this get noticed,” user TheScrollFeeder shared details of an issue they are facing in the game: They currently cannot distinguish between gold shield damage and non-shield damage thanks to a recent color change.


“I am colorblind and so is my brother,” they wrote. “Since no one else has complained about this we assumed it was a distinct different color to gold like green. We cannot see the difference in these colors or find it super hard to distinguish.

“If it was possible to change this to the original color it would make it 110% easier to see the difference. I understand this isn’t a major issue but it does make playing the game significantly harder for me when I come against someone with a gold shield.”

Please help this get noticed. (Info in comments) from apexlegends

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for Respawn to respond to the problem. One of the Apex Legends devs, who goes by the username exgeniar, took to the comments section to reveal that a fix is already on the way.


“I’ll just keep this short and sweet. First of all, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Detailed bug and constructive bug reports are super helpful,” they wrote.

“I personally think this is a major issue, and I think it is safe to say a number of us at Respawn also feel [this way]. So as the messenger, I have good news.”

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Respawn Entertainment
Some colorblind players are finding it hard to distinguish between gold shield and non-shield damage.

It turns out Respawn already has a fix for the issue, and it was meant to be released by now. Unfortunately, delays happened, and it’s now expected that the problem will be hotfixed in Apex Legends within the next week.


“We wanted to get this hotfix out earlier, but sadly, things were a bit hectic last week and we had to delay a whole bunch of stuff, and this fix was part of the postponed,” the dev explained.

“Since it’s a client ‘hotfix’ testing is way more rigorous and will take a few days. Assuming nothing goes wrong, you should see an update within one calendar week. Sit tight, a fix is coming.”

As TheScrollFeeder explained in their post, this is a small change but one that could really help improve the Apex Legends experience for colorblind players, so it’s great that Respawn are already on the case.