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Apex Legends dev gives promising update on potential crossplay plans

Published: 1/Apr/2020 11:05 Updated: 1/Apr/2020 11:12

by Matt Porter


Apex Legends devs have responded to calls from fans of their popular battle royale title, hinting that crossplay is something we may see in the game in the future.

Over the past few years, crossplay has become an integral part of multiplayer gaming, allowing players to enjoy games with friends who don’t own the same system as they do, or compete against players from a multitude of platforms to really test their skills and see how they stack up with the rest of the world.

Games like Fortnite and Call of Duty have embraced crossplay, but the system is noticeably missing from Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends, with fans of the game constantly expressing their hope that it will be added. While the developers have remained quiet on the subject in the past, the team have now confirmed that it’s something they are interested in adding.

Apex Legends players have called for the chance to take on enemies on other platforms since the game’s release.

In an interview in a Game Informer magazine, the idea of cross-platform play was mentioned to Respawn, with the developers admitting that it has become the norm across the games industry, and that it’s something they would like to add to their game.

“I think on crossplay we see it’s something that is kind of expected in the industry, and is important to a game like ours,” Respawn told Game Informer’s magazine. “[We] are obviously big fans of playing our game at work and in our free time and we go home on a Friday or weekend and want to play with each other and we’re on different systems.”

“On a personal level, yes, we’d love to do that and party up on the weekends. I think it’s an important thing to get to.”

With games like Fortnite and Warzone already utilizing cross-platform play, it seems inevitable that Apex Legends will follow the same path and let their fans hunt for wins no matter what platform they play on, although this can lead to problems of its own, such as complaints for the community about things like aim assist for controllers, which has proven to be a contentious issue on Fortnite.

For fans hoping this is coming in the near future there is some bad news though, as Respawn refrained from providing any sort of timeline to when we can expect to see crossplay introduced to the game, or whether we will ever see it at all.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends YouTuber shows why Horizon’s bunny hops can lead to wins

Published: 24/Nov/2020 1:15

by Alan Bernal


Apex Legends YouTuber ‘The Gaming Merchant’ showed why Season 7 Legend, Horizon, has the best bunny hop in the game that can be a really big advantage if used correctly.

The longtime Apex content creator saw that Horizon’s bunny hop has a unique attribute to her, which essentially lets her get to full strafe speed much quicker than any other Legend in the game.

“When you combine bunny hopping and Horizon, some crazy things can end up happening,” The Gaming Merchant said, explaining how she had the most “efficient bunny hop style” out of the cast of characters.

Since the Gravitational Manipulator has great air control built into her, she can chain these hops in a consistent manner that lets players rapidly skid across the map at a constant pace, according to the YouTuber.

horizon apex legends season 7 new character
Apex Legends
Horizon has already proven to have great mobility among the cast of Apex Legends characters.

The YouTuber explained that it usually takes Legends “three hops per turn to get maximum momentum from air strafes.” However, Horizon can get to her max strafing movement in just one hop per turn.

In practice, that means that players don’t have to mix up their movement to achieve the fastest b-hops; instead, they can calculate exactly what path they want to take, knowing that Horizon can reach max speed in any direction.

Showing off how the mechanic works in live matches, The Gaming Merchant can be seen absolutely running circles around entire teams without skipping a beat.

Even more impressive is how Horizon’s bunny hops can still be seamlessly chained even if she falls from high places. While her unique hops amp up her attack, being able to hop away at max speed from a fall can lend a hand when trying to escape a chasing opponent.

Seeing as how diversity in your movement can make or break a match in Apex Legends, this could be a game-changer for Horizon mains if used correctly.

We’ve already seen some tricks uncovered with Horizon’s ability kit, like the Gravity Lift in certain places, that gives her tricky moves to deal with as an opponent.

Now it looks like Apex Legends players have another way to squeeze out that extra movement speed from the game’s latest character to join the battle royale.