Apex Legends dev finally reveals why Caustic’s gas doesn’t hurt him

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends writer Tommy Casiello has finally revealed why Caustic is not affected by his own gas traps, after months of fan debate. 

Despite his appearance in every single season, Apex Legends’ Caustic has struggled to find the popularity of a Wraith or Pathfinder. This is potentially because he is locked in the base version of the game, but also slower, more defensive legends are bound to be slightly less popular than those encouraging faster, aggressive play styles.

One area of debate that has always surrounded Caustic is the fact his highly toxic gas traps don’t affect him, despite their ability to kill Pathfinder – a robotic life form.

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Respawn Entertainment
Caustic’s gas traps deal damage to every legend, except for himself.

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On April 23, Tommy Casiello, an award-winning writer who has recently joined Respawn Entertainment, finally explained why this is the case, after constant speculation from players.

He was asked by an Apex Legends fan: “What out of interest is your logic that Pathfinder, Revenant and Bloodhound can be affected by Caustic’s Nox gas?”

“You mean his corrosive gas that eats through clothes, skin and metal unless countered by a chemical compound only he possesses so it doesn’t affect him?” Casiello responded. “That Nox gas?”

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In short, Caustic is privy to a specific chemical compound that enables him to remain immune to the harmful effects of his own gas traps.

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Shortly after disclosing this information, Casiello even teased that more information about Caustic will be coming to Apex Legends, potentially in Season 5.

He was asked why, if Caustic’s immunity comes from a secret chemical compound, he bothers to wear goggles and a gas mask. “He does wear them all the time,” Casiello said. “I’ll bet you he has a reason for that. I wonder when we’ll find out what it is?”

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As one of Apex’s senior writers, Casiello is responsible for the overarching narratives that surround the game, including the lore and backgrounds of every legend.

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While not necessarily expected in a battle royale, the lore surrounding legends has helped to boost Apex Legends’ popularity, as well as adding some humility and personality to each of the game’s unique characters.