Apex Legends dev confirms fix coming for Pred lobby ‘stream-sniping’ exploit

Apex Legends pred lobb exploitRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends developer has confirmed that a fix is on the way for an exploit that allows Bronze players to sneak into Pred lobbies and stream-snipe their favorite players. 

Apex Legends has dealt with all kinds of cheaters in the past. Despite working harder than ever before, it’s a problem that Respawn can’t seem to get completely under control. That doesn’t mean that they’re not trying though.

One of the most used exploits in recent memory is one that allows freshly made accounts to sneak into high-ranked lobbies without ever climbing the ranked ladder.

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While this wouldn’t be so much of a problem if it were happening on accident and a noob was occasionally tossed into the deep end, in the hands of the a capable cheater, it causes some major collateral damage. Now, the devs are ready to tackle it.

Apex Legends dev comments on Predator lobby matchmaking exploit

Mad Maggie running away from fire in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA
Playing at the top of Apex Legends can be a frustrating experience thanks to this exploit.

While talking to pro player and former #1 Apex Predator HisWattson on Twitter, Apex’s Security lead let the community know that they’re aware of how game-breaking this kind of behavior can be.

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He wasn’t quite ready to say when exactly a fix would be on the way, but he did mention that the team is looking into it and that it might not be a problem that the pros have to deal with for too long.

“I can say that the bronze issue is currently being worked on as well so hopefully you won’t be seeing that soon,” he said.

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The reason this exploit is such a big deal is that it allows anyone who has been banned before to largely bypass the intended penalties of losing their account.

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Not only does that mean they can jump right back in and start terrorizing more lobbies, but it also makes it easier to hunt specific players at the highest level of the game.

Like in HisWattson’s case, one “speed hacking” Gibraltar was successfully able to land on him multiple games in a row, making it impossible to play the game as normal and also draining hundreds of RP along the way.

It will likely still be a while before this fix does land in the game but we’ll be sure to keep up with the latest updates as they come.

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