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Apex Legends data miner reveals identity of mystery ship above the map

Published: 24/Jan/2020 12:01

by David Purcell


Apex Legends players might have moved a step closer in their search for Season 4 clues as a data miner has revealed the most likely identity of a mysterious ship floating high above the map. 

That1MiningGuy has been the first to many of the developer’s biggest secrets, uncovering plans for Town Takeovers, new legends, and much more well before they ever arrived in-game. And now, it appears that the leaker has come up with another interesting discovery.

There has been plenty of crossover between Titanfall titles and the new uber-popular Apex Legends since the latter first launched in February of last year, and it appears yet another feature from the popular franchise has been added to Respawn’s game.

Apex Legends World's Edge overview
Respawn Entertainment
World’s Edge is set for some major changes in Season 4, but will a mystery ship play a big part in the shakeup?

Many players have been wondering what the beaming light in the sky is on the World’s Edge map, as unfortunately, they can’t travel that high up in-game, and it looks like That1MiningGuy has come to a conclusion about what it is – clearing up some previous suspicions in the process.

The data miner looked into it, searching through the data files for hints, and shared findings to their Twitter followers on January 23.

They posted: “Pretty sure Shrugtal is right about that light in the sky being a Harvester. They were reportedly used by both sides in Titanfall 2 and are used to extract minerals from a planet. Interesting.”

The Twitter user he cited in the tweet, Shrugtal, has been theorizing about what may happen next in the game and it looks like they might be right. 

Whether or not the Harvester’s potential presence will have anything to do with the storyline for Season 4 remains to be seen, although with the return of King’s Canyon been confirmed by developers – as it’s coming back to Ranked Mode – there’s a chance that this could tie in with that.

For those who have never seen a Harvester before, it’s a lit up, cylinder-shaped aircraft that can drop on land – as seen below.

There’s also the small matter of upcoming map changes being confirmed for World’s Edge. So, the mineral extracting Harvester could play a part in that journey for players as well.

Season 4 has been officially named ‘Assimilation’ and there’s a good chance that when it eventually drops, so too will the Harvester from the sky and give fans a chance to see what it’s doing in Apex Legends once and for all.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends leaks hints at vehicles coming in Season 7

Published: 23/Oct/2020 14:36 Updated: 23/Oct/2020 15:00

by Jacob Hale


Some new leaked animations in Apex Legends are potentially hinting at vehicles coming to the popular battle royale title in Season 7.

As far as battle royale games go, Apex Legends is one of the last that doesn’t offer players vehicles for faster rotation and to hit different areas of the map quicker. The likes of Warzone and Fortnite have had vehicles for mobility for a long time at this point, while Apex players haven’t had that opportunity.

That said, always looking for ways to offer fans something fresh and exciting in the game, the Apex devs appear to be following suit, if recent leaks are anything to go by.

On top of a weapon charm, some new animations definitely look to prove that we’re getting vehicles sooner rather than later.

As shared by renowned dataminer Shrugtal on Twitter, the Ride Share charm has two passenger seats alongside the driver’s seat, and it’s a hover vehicle.

That’s not all, though: he found some new animations that all but confirm the existence of vehicles in the Apex Games.

As you can see in this tweet below, there are animations in the 6.1 patch for a driver and passenger hovering while seated — perfectly fitting for a Hover Vehicle.

As many people have pointed out, the current Apex Legends maps, World’s Edge and Kings Canyon, are a fair share smaller than maps in other battle royale titles, so vehicles may not be as fitting in the game as they are in others. One common theory is that the vehicles may be on rails, similar to the train, rather than being drivable for players to freely traverse the map.

However, the new Olympus map has been speculated about for months now, so it is absolutely possible that they come into the game purely for that — also suggesting that Olympus will be the game’s biggest map yet.

Right now, we can’t confirm for absolute certainty that this means vehicles will be coming to the game, and we should never take leaks as gospel, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see this happen. The big question is how it all plays out.