Apex Legends console players pleading for fix to crucial gameplay mechanic

Apex Legends has some of the most intense action in the battle royale genre, but console players have been suffering from an annoying game design decision that makes firefights stressful to execute.

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Respawn Entertainment released their battle royale on February 4 and have since been met with critical acclaim by players of all kind. But persistent problems in the game such as inconsistent hitboxes and perpetual bugs have made the game hard to love since its launch.

Players who use a controller when jumping down to King’s Canyon have been noticing a continuous annoyance that is bordering on game-breaking in a crowded fight.

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Respawn EntertainmentThe worst part about console players’ problem is that it isn’t a bug. Sometimes the game just makes reloading harder for them.

Fumbing with controls

A video by Reddit user ‘TrainerJacob392’ shows exactly how troublesome a fight can be on console. Unfortunately, the burgeoning problem within the chaos isn’t with the attacking players, it’s with the hectic changes happening with the X button.

By default, X is used to reload a weapon, but it’s also for pretty much everything else ranging from looting a player to picking up a downed teammate’s banner.

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Amid the close quarters engagement, the video shows TrainerJacob392’s screen fumbling through different commands as bullets are flying.

Intended controls not working for some console players

While the action settles down, TrainerJacob392 makes a push to the enemy Pathfinder who had just got his squad mate up.

But instead of making quick work out of the two remaining Legends, TrainerJacob392 can be seen picking up his teammate’s banner at the worst possible time.

Though it may appear like a hilarious player gaffe, the problem was a bit more frustrating than that. Having no more rounds in his R99, TrainerJacob392 pushed the X button down just as it changed from being their reload to picking up their downed player’s banner.

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Respawn EntertainmentMowing down enemies in Apex Legends can be harder when your reload button disappears.

No easy solution without the developers

Commenters chimed in with problems they faced because of the cluttered button layout similar to this example. Other issues ranged from not being able to loot if a box is too close to a door, not being able to revive teammates because of other command prompts, and more.

While some commenters suggest simply switching to the provided “Hold X” to reload option in the settings, some players said that sounded “awful” and don’t see it as a viable option especially in a heated battle zone.

Apex Legends has a huge console community, many of which would ask for a fix to the problem implemented soon.

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