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Apex Legends

Apex Legends console players highlight major disadvantage vs PC

Published: 5/Oct/2019 9:49 Updated: 5/Oct/2019 10:08

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends console players have highlighted yet another disadvantage between themselves and anyone who plays the battle royale title on PC.

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Respawn Entertainment’s popular free-to-play battle royale is now into its third season of content as it approaches a near full-year on the market. Ever since it dropped, pretty surprisingly, back in February, the game has built on some solid foundations and kept fans wanting more. 

However, despite the success, it hasn’t been perfect and players have run intoFortnite and PUBG. One of those is cross-platform play between consoles and PC players, but the wait for that could be extended after some fans have picked up a huge difference between the two. 


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u/FrozenFroh (Reddit)Apex Legends is into season three, with Crypto finally jumping into the battle.

For a couple of days, Reddit user Deadtoast15 has been posting threads on the Apex Legends subreddit that notes a request for the developers to add a sensitivity adjuster for looting and inventory management on console. 

“Everytime I watch a PC gamer and see them loot death boxes and manage their inventory they can do everything very quickly,” they commented. “Console, since the day Apex released, has kept the same slow cursor speed.” 

Deadtoast15 also noted that in high tier matches, looting and managing inventory just slows the pace right down, so that it isn’t just a quality of life issue, but it also affects gameplay – both positively and negatively.


Request, Day 3. Console needs a sensitivity adjuster for looting and inventory management from r/apexlegends

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With the Redditor being into the third day of the campaign, other fans have jumped aboard the bandwagon in the hopes of seeing some changes being made.

“Even picking up items from the ground is slower now (started season 2 I think). You have to really stop and look at the item,” added user moisesg88. Another, Almost_AR, commented: “Black ops 4 made theirs faster when fans asked, idk (I don’t know) why we can’t.”

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While members of the Apex Legends team are active within the subreddit, they haven’t yet responded to this particular issue, so it’s unknown if they are even aware of it. 


If it hasn’t already, it will certainly come to their attention in the near future as the daily thread campaign continues on.