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Apex Legends community wants a better way to report problematic “teamers”

Published: 24/Feb/2020 20:09

by Alan Bernal


The Apex Legends player base are having trouble dealing with “teamers” throughout their matches and want a more direct way of reporting them to Respawn.

After getting eliminated from a game, Apex’s system gives players the chance to report players for cheating, offensive speech, spam, and other similar grievances but not one for teaming.

Teaming is a specific form of cheating that’s a group effort among multiple people that can’t be reported correctly given the tools currently present in Apex.

Crixz1 via Reddit
Reddit user Crixz1 didn’t feel like the available offenses were suitable enough to report the teamers.

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Reddit user ‘Crixz1’ showed how bad teaming could be after their Octane teammate went out of their way to sabotage a match.


With 11 squads left, Crixz1’s Wattson and their Pathfinder were battling an incoming squad. While the two players were in the heat of combat, their friendly Octane was close behind but out of the fray.

“Notice how our Octane isn’t helping whatsoever,” Crixz1 pointed out in the video. The Octane didn’t do much to influence the fight until Wattson was cornered behind a building with him.

Our Teammate was teaming with the Opponents and there’s no way to report that correctly, those players should be banned Respawn, please help 🙁 from apexlegends

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That’s when the player punched their own teammate. While the attack did not register damage, it displaced the Wattson out of cover and in the open.

Shortly after, the team pushed Wattson while Octane stayed away from combat to let the opponents finish off them off.


When it was down to the opponent squad and the Octane teammate, they defaulted to what teamers have been known to do and farm hard-to-achieve badges.

Crixz1 via Reddit
The enemy Octane helped another Apex Legends team.

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The behavior is something that the Apex player base is familiar with as more players reported similar antics from their teammates.

“I think something similar happened to me last week,” user ‘deepsun’ said. “Myself and the jumpmaster got overrun, but the other squadmate ignored us and was too far away to get our banners. I watched as that squadmate started teaming with a lone Lifeline who had (I assume) done something similar. Same thing, I had to report them for ‘unsporting behavior,’ but I wished there was a better option.”


With the prevalence of teamers in battle royales, the community wants the Apex Legends devs to give a better way to report teammates and those who participate in cheating.