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Apex Legends coaches will train you for a price

Published: 7/Apr/2019 15:16 Updated: 7/Apr/2019 15:43

by Eli Becht


Getting a coach in Apex Legends might be something you want to consider if you’re considering going pro, or simply want to keep up with your more advanced teammates in the battle royale title.

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Will a coach really train you to get better at Apex Legends?

Having a coach for traditional sports has long been considered a normal thing but now getting an esports coach is becoming more and more mainstream.

Games like Apex Legends and Fortnite have opened the door for players to earn money from the comfort of their own home, without even having to spend any money on the game itself.

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Want to get better at Apex Legends? A coach may be the way to go.

Popular Overwatch streamer and YouTuber TheRealKenzo decided to hire an Apex Legends coach, to help him learn the ropes as he learned how to play Bangalore and Wraith.


Except, he didn’t actually need any help and essentially “smurfed” when he hired a coach so he’d be able to surprise the coach with his strong play out of nowhere.

The video documents how a coach might be able to help a completely new player, or even a more experienced player looking to take their game to the next level.

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TheRealKenzo hired a coach from Fiverr, and was taught a variety of variety for Apex Legends, but the problem was that he already knew how to play the game.

Hiring a coach can be very helpful for those looking to take the next step. While Kenzo’s video is pretty humorous, it does showcase a number of ways for players to improve with a coach.


Respawn EntertainmentThis particular coach offers three separate packages for Apex Legends coaching.

How much does an Apex Legends coach cost?

The coach offers three separate packages for players to choose from, each more expensive than the last.

The ‘Basic’ package gets you one hour of coaching and you will be taught proper rotation techniques and you will have your flaws pointed out.

For those who opt for the ‘Standard’ package, you will get two hours of coaching which is basically the same plan as before but no time.

The most expensive package, the $40 ‘Premium pack, is three hours of practice which would be led by the player.

There are numerous coaches out there so it might be worth taking a look at one if you’re looking to improve your game.