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Apex Legends battle pass details leaked: Character skins, icons and more

Published: 10/Mar/2019 18:53 Updated: 10/Mar/2019 19:07

by Calum Patterson


Apex Legends‘ Season 1 battle pass has not been officially unveiled yet, but data miners have been digging through the game files and discovered new assets relating to the battle pass.

These leaked files give us an indication of what the battle pass will include, but there are no image assets associated currently – only file names.

The first set of files, shared by data miner @RealApexLeaks, show a number of files which have been found since the latest update, which are preparing the game itself for the battle pass launch – such as a ‘purchase’ button, and ‘reward’ button.

@RealApexLeaksBattle Pass assets found in the Apex Legends game files.

As for what the battle pass contains, as expected there will be character skins, confirmed with another game file found by the data miner.


There is also a ‘battle pass bonus’, although what exactly this bonus entails is unclear. Potentially this could be bonus XP, or perhaps bonus Apex Packs to be opened.

@RealApexLeaksA ‘bonus’ of some kind appears to be part of the battle pass.

It also looks like there will be a new lobby section added to Apex Legends specifically for the battle pass, what exactly it will contain is unclear though.


For the battle pass rewards, one game file describes a ‘free_icon’, and another is less clear, called ‘details_box_indicator’.


Finally, there is a ‘battle pass status’, which possibly differentiates between a free or paid version of the battle pass. The only ‘status’ level found in the game files by the data miner was ‘diamond’.


As with all leaks, it must be noted that everything is subject to change, and Respawn could still be developing the entire battle pass – which could lead to new additions and removals from the game files.

On March 6, Respawn said they “still have work to do to get everything ready” for Season 1, and asked players for patience.

Apex Legends

Best FOV for Apex Legends on PS4, Xbox and PC

Published: 25/Oct/2020 13:04

by Connor Bennett


Having the perfect setup is one of the keys to victory in Apex Legends, with FOV being a hotly debated topic every season. So, we’ve got the best FOV settings that could change the game for you.

There are plenty of factors that go into having success in Apex Legends. Of course, you need to pick the right Legend for your playstyle, find strong weapons and attachments, and have some luck with the safe zone. 

Outside of those, you also need to get settings that fit too. This laundry list of options includes the FOV, or Field of View, that allows you to see more, or less if you want, of the action depending on what feels comfortable. 

It’s an adjustable setting, so depending on the day, you might decide to try something else. So, if you want to make a tweak, we’ve got a few options that will fit a few different playstyles.

A comparison between FOV settings in Apex Legends
Reddit: stefan714
Deciding on your FOV setting can be a game-changer in Apex.

105 FOV

Most players might see the FOV setting and quickly bump it up so that they can see everything, and while that doesn’t work for everyone, it is a viable option.

In that case, you’ll want to bump it up to around 105, because you’ll be able to see players clearly on both the right and left side of the screen, while also retaining a somewhat central feeling to your FOV.

It will have a slight drawback if you’re fighting at range because it won’t give you that tunnel vision-like feeling of a lower setting, but if you’re playing with a higher FOV, that’s unlikely to be your playstyle anyway. If you sit physically farther away from your TV/monitor, this very wide FOV will make it trickier for you to spot targets far in the distance.

Apex Legends Rampart Buff
Respawn Entertainment
Picking an FOV setting is based on your playstyle and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ option.

90 FOV

Setting your FOV to 90 is perfect if you want to strike a balance between fighting at both long and short-range as it offers good vision for both.

Going with 90 doesn’t give you the tunnel vision-like feeling of slightly lower settings, and is a bit more natural than reaching 100 or even going beyond that. You’ll feel like whatever enemy you’re targeting is in the middle of your view at all times.

70-75 FOV

Now, if you want something that is very long-range focused, going between 70-75 is the best option, regardless of whether you’re on PC or a console.

Yes, you won’t be able to see everything to your side, of course, but everything that appears at distance will be more central in your view rather than just being a speck of dust in some others. 

Just like having a favorite legend and weapon, setting the FOV is a personal choice and, yes, you can follow pro players, but what works for them might not work for everyone. 

A higher FOV can also reduce frame rate, so if you’re not on a powerful PC setup, you may notice reduced FPS on a higher FOV setting.

But, it might be worth giving these different values a try to see if it improves your game and helps you pick up more wins than before.