Apex Legends bans “your mom” comments from in-game chat with players punished already

Horizon in Apex Legends with game logoRespawn/EA

Apex Legends players have found that they can be banned and timed out from the battle royale for talking about somebody else’s mom – even if they try and compliment them. 

Trash talking has been a staple of multiplayer games since the beginning of time, and can sometimes get a bit too heated – especially in the world of first-person shooters and battle royales.

Most of the trash talk usually happens after you’ve eliminated someone, or gotten the advantage over them in a round, but mid-game trash talk is also a common occurrence.

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It can get pretty toxic as a wave of personal insults get thrown across the airwaves and respective chat boxes. However, when it comes to Apex Legends, classic taunts about somebody else’s mother have now been curtailed.

Apex Legends players can’t talk about your mom mid-game

That’s right, if you try and talk about somebodies mother using the in-game chat – whether it be a positive or negative comment – you’re going to get flagged by EA and Respawn’s system.

HisWattson found this out on September 7, as he received a warning on his account for typing a somewhat explicit message to another player regarding their mother.

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Apex Legends insider and dataminer KralRindo noted that the phrases “Your Mom” and “Your Mother” are on the “bad phrases” list and, as such, automatic warnings are dished out if you type them out.

Some players immediately joked and stated that they were going to try it out and see just how long it takes to get a warning – either in-game or from Respawn’s email system.

That is, of course, not recommended at all, seeing as a few warnings will land you with a permanent ban – and it’s just not worth it.

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