Apex Legends: 10 tips and tricks to mastering advanced movement

Movement is one of the most important aspects of Apex Legends, and here are some important tips that will help you master the mechanics.

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Player movement in Apex Legends is very unique when compared to other battle royale titles, especially when you consider things like sliding, climbing, jump towers, ziplines, ropes, and other items or mechanics that allow players to traverse around the map in different ways. 

With this in mind, YouTuber ‘mfewke’ has put together a guide on all of the little tricks that players can use to really take advantage of the complex movement system in the game. 

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Octane Ultimate Boost

Octane is the newest Legend in Apex Legends and his set of abilities focuses around movement. When using his Ultimate Ability, you can get a 30% aerial boost by simply sliding towards the Launch Pad and hitting the jump button right as you get to the pad.

After getting launched into the air, you can strafe by using your mouse and A/D keys,  as long as you make sure not to press press the forward key while in the air.

The high flying Octane in Apex Legends has abilities that help a lot with movement.
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Bunny-hop Healing

An exploit in the game allows players to move quickly while using a health item, and this can be down by binding jump to the mouse scroll wheel up.

The action can be performed by sliding, hitting the key to initiate the usage of the health item, and only use the A/D keys to strafe in the direction you are bunny-hopping.

Keep in mind that Respawn have acknowledged the presence of the bunny-hopping exploit and are planning on patching it in the near future.

The bunny-hopping technique in Apex Legends allows players to heal while moving at a fast pace.
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Rope and Zipline Movement Techniques

Here are several movement techniques you can execute while using a rope or zipline, which can help you get a small boost or advantage in many situations.

  • Rope Jumping: Press jump when reaching the top of a rope you are climbing to get a small aerial boost.
  • Offensive Rope Jumping: Use a rope to launch yourself towards enemies that may be hiding behind cover.
  • Zipline Maneuver: When using a zipline, continuously jump and reattach yourself to the line to make it harder for enemy players to shoot at you.
  • Zipline Maneuver #2: When dropping from a zipline, make sure to crouch as it saves you a short amount of time from being in the air.

As effective as they already are, ziplines and ropes can be further used to maximize movement speed, distance, and effectiveness.
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Miscellaneous Movement Tips

Here are a few additional techniques you can use to move a lot more efficiently and effectively, whether it comes to reaching certain areas or gaining an advantage while in a gunfight.

  • Speed Jump: You can reach maximum distance after jumping from heights by first sliding, the sprinting, then jumping, all while strafing with your mouse at the end. 
  • Door Climbing: Use open doors as ledges to reach rooftops that may be impossible to reach by simply climbing.
  • Sliding: Sliding side-to-side while in a gunfight will reduce your Legend’s hitbox. 

The full YouTube video breaking down these techniques can be viewed below, along with visible demonstrations on how these methods look in-game.

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Keep in mind that these techniques are all good for now, but Respawn could implement changes in future updates that may mitigate their effectiveness.