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Another stuffed puppy found in unexpected area of Apex Legends map

Published: 8/Apr/2019 1:56 Updated: 8/Apr/2019 1:58

by Albert Petrosyan


Among the various Easter Eggs in Apex Legends are small toy puppies that have been found at random spots on the map, and now another one has popped up in a very unexpected location.

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On April 7, Reddit user ‘tuckatummy‘ posted a video that showed him finding a small black puppy in the training area of the game, a location that is very much separate from the main map where matches are played.

The puppy is located on one of the rock ledges relatively far up the wall of the canyon surrounding the training area, more specifically to the left of where players normally exit the hallway and slide down to get their weapons.


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The exact area where the puppy can be found is actually pretty hard to get to, as it requires players to walk in a very specific path and climb on to specific ledges.

In the video below, the player demonstrates exactly where the puppy is located and the path players need to follow in order to get up there.

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Why are there puppies in Apex Legends?

The fact that there are puppies in Apex Legends, or the reason why they exist, is by no means a secret among the player-base. 

Shortly after the game’s release, when players began finding the mysterious toy dogs around the map, lead level designer Jacon McCord revealed that they were actually tributes to his own dog Shadie, who passed away while the game was still in development. 


“Our dog of 10 years passed away suddenly from health issues while I was working hard on Kings Canyon,” McCord tweeted out at the time. “As any animal lover knows, this was a crushing blow to my morale and made many days hard to come to work. Shadie was our best friend, and so I wanted her to live on in this little corner of the map. It legit makes me feel better to visit this area sometimes.” 

This is not the only stuffed dog toy that can be found in the training area. Just days after the game first was released, players were able to find one hidden again hidden in the canyon but towards the right side of the hallway exit.


You can see a demonstration of how to find this puppy in the YouTube video below:

Other Easter Eggs on Apex Legends

Apart from the stuffed puppies, the other notable Easter Egg in Apex Legends is that of the Loch Ness Monster named Nessie and her small plushies that can be found throughout the map.

Players who locate and shoot at all of the Nessie plushies on the map in the correct order will unlock an Easter Egg that sees a gigantic living version of Nessie the Loch Ness Monster appear out of the water.

Of course that can be difficult to do since players will have to manage through enemy teams and the dangerous Ring to complete the Easter Egg.