Annoying Apex Legends “door campers” can be deadly for unaware teams

Alan Bernal. Last updated: Mar 22, 2020
Respawn Entertainment

Players use a wide variety of tactics to take down opponents in Apex Legends, but some are starting to come across a bizarre “door camping” trend from people looking for quick kills.

It’s just like the name suggests; players are using doors to perch themselves out of sight until another unsuspecting team rolls by. It’s a simple strategy that is bound to net a couple of kills, since most users don’t make it a habit of checking every door’s frame.

While not all entrances have a place to conceal an entire character model, those located inside of a facility could spell doom for the lackadaisical player who doesn’t clear their corners.

Respawn Entertainment
“Door campers” are taking some Apex Legends players by surprise.

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However, overly-cautious members of the Apex community won’t have much of a problem countering the surprise attack, since it can be pretty easy to spot.

Taking a cue from Reddit user ‘iwojima22,’ players can mitigate door campers by slowly creeping through a quiet corridor.

In their clip, instead of running through the threshold of the next room, they stopped just before transitioning to the next part of the building.

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Whether this was because of the player’s high IQ game sense or sheer luck, the decision let them spot something out of the ordinary in the corner of their screen.

Since they didn’t just run through, they were able to make out a pair of legs that turned out to belong to an opposing Lifeline, who was standing on top of the door.

“That’s a pretty good way to get the drop on someone, pun intended,” another user noted. “I know people hate camping but if someone isn’t ready for it, that could be an easy squad wipe.”

iwojima22 via Reddit
Apex Legends players are propping themselves atop of doors for quick kills.

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It’s these kinds of plays that make people paranoid on World’s Edge. ‘Iwojima22’ was fortunate to spot out the first opponent, but it looks like they were still taken by surprise from the second person up there.

They were able to make quick work of the two campers, though it wasn’t the cleanest of mop ups.

This looks like it could be a new favorite strat for some Apex Legends players, so people should start being more careful around open doors.